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The well-fed student: The female cooks that everyone should know about

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The UK food world has been largely dominated by men for many years, with the exceptions of a few female home cooks that have become national treasures, such as Delia Smith, Mary Berry and Nigella Lawson. There has recently been a surge of female chefs and health gurus releasing books … Read More

Woman Crush Wednesday: Nigella Lawson

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One of the few female celebrity cooks, Nigella celebrates her femininity with gusto and enthusiasm. Her liking for rich, indulgent recipes, and midnight fridge-raids have become infamous, alongside her penchant for innuendo and ridiculous adjectives to viscerally describe food as she eats it. Is it possible for an English student … Read More

TV | The Taste – Apparently it's the only thing that matters

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With a format shipped in from across the Atlantic, The Taste is the new cooking show sensation that is far more dramatic than the average cooking programme we normally see on our screens. The premise is that ‘taste is the only thing that matters’, with only a spoonful of food being … Read More

TV: Nigellissima

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  Josh Storer turns the lights down low for his date with Nigellissima. The queen of food porn is back, with a new and curiously-named series designed to help “bring the spirit of Italy into the kitchen and onto the plate”. Though as soon as the hazy opening sequence sees … Read More