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Why TV is obsessed with the 80s and 90s

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There has been a recent trend of television shows being set in the ‘80s and 90’s, including, Freaks and Geeks, Stranger Things and My Mad Fat Diary, to name a few. So why, in 2018, are the ‘80s and ‘90s so inescapable when it comes to television? It is difficult … Read More

Elizabeth: Our Queen – A Good Kind of Nostalgic.

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This week, Channel 5 aired the first in an 8-part series detailing the life of Queen Elizabeth II. The first episode, called ‘Queen in Waiting’ details the Queen’s younger years, ending with the death of King George VI in 1952. It seems society has a desire to expose people’s private … Read More

Disney remakes: there is nothing wrong with childhood nostalgia

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Disney’s remake of Beauty and the Beast revealed a confusing streak among their legions of fans. News that a minor character would be openly implied to be gay saw praise heaped upon it by the fans who have grown up on the company’s movies, and have now come of age. … Read More

Volcano by Temples

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Four years since their debut, Temples are back with their lysergic sophomore album Volcano, and it sounds like something The Beatles would produce if they were fed more psychedelics and handed a synth machine. Album opener ‘Certainty’ stomps in with heavy bass and gutsy drums, introducing Temples’ new, revolutionised sound. … Read More

Blogs | Why You Should Follow Your Childhood Dreams

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In my second year of primary school, the teachers made a video of all the pupils, asking them what they wanted to do when they were older. I wanted to be an actress. Others wanted to be firemen, police officers, teachers, doctors, pop singers, train drivers, pilots, spacemen. My brother … Read More

TV | My Mad Fat Diary – Not suited to a post-15 age group

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Released only last year, My Mad Fat Diary has received large critical acclamation for its honest portrayal of adolescent turmoil. The series recounts the life of a 16 ½ stone teenage girl, Rae (Sharon Rooney), who is released from a mental institution during the opening episode. The episodes track her … Read More