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Leaked Letter Reveals NUS’ Serious Financial Difficulties

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A leaked letter has revealed that the NUS (National Union of Students) is set to post a financial deficit of £3 million this year. The letter, sent to all affiliated Students’ Unions by NUS President Shakira Martin and Acting Chief Executive Peter Robertson, has revealed the full extent of the … Read More

NUS Survey Finds that 70% of Students Feel ‘Peer Pressured’ to Drink Alcohol

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The National Union of Students (NUS) recently conducted a survey of 2,215 students in higher education to gain a better insight into their relationship with alcohol. Alcohol forms a key part of Freshers Weeks and many societies’ socials. Despite this, many students have expressed the necessity for more sober socials, … Read More

News Round-up

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New Guidelines for Universities on Suicide Prevention University staff who work with students should be trained in suicide prevention, according to new guidelines. The guidance, published by Universities UK and the charity Papyrus, comes in response to growing public concern about the number of undergraduates taking their own lives. At … Read More

The Gryphon Meets Jack Straw

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Branded “a troublemaker acting with malice aforethought” by the Foreign Office after a student trip to Chile, elected LUU President, and later banned from the Union building, Jack Straw is not your average Leeds Alumni, before you even consider his stint as Home Secretary. The Gryphon got the chance to … Read More

Brexit, Visas and International Students

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In the wake of the controversial EU referendum, headlines about Brexit seem to be ubiquitous. Brexit has the potential to affect almost everything to do with our economy, and anything international. That includes Universities, and us, the student population. In particular, leaving the EU is going to change studying abroad … Read More

Two LUU societies scoop trophies at National Society Awards

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At this year’s National Society Awards two societies from LUU took home trophies, with The Gryphon winning Best Media Society and Women in Leadership winning Best Campaigning Society. This is the second year the national awards ceremony has taken place, and is an opportunity for the work of societies up … Read More

NUS votes in favour of free sanitary products at universities

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At the NUS conference last Tuesday, delegates voted in favour of using funds to buy tampons, sanitary towels and moon cups. Soon, these products will be offered to students across the UK for free. The NUS stated that the price of female sanitary wear is “classist” and that students are … Read More

Underdog ousts Bouattia to clinch NUS presidency

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Shakira Martin took 56% of the three way vote yesterday and will now replace divisive one term president Malia Bouattia. Shakira Martin, aged 28, won the battle to represent students across the country  after  campaigning on a promise to heal a fractured student body. She pitched herself as the centrist … Read More

A Boycott of the NSS Will Not Stop Fees Rising

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As some of you may know, the National Student Survey (NSS) is open now, it gathers responses from final year students to attempt to ascertain the quality of their experience at University. This feedback is used in many ways; i.e. to rank the University on league tables, as data for … Read More

Student Exec refuse to back NSS Boycott

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LUU Student Exec decide not to endorse nationwide National Student Survey boycott The LUU student exec have chosen not to endorse the NUS’ National Student Survey (NSS) boycott, a campaign which is attempting to thwart the government’s plans to link tuition fees to teaching quality and thus raise fees around … Read More