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With the public constantly becoming more aware about what we eat and the issues associated with our food, it seems like new superfoods are springing up daily. Often promoted by Instagram and Twitter personalities with perfectly shiny white smiles, there’s always a new obscure Mexican berry to try or a … Read More

Food for Fuel

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When it comes to exercising a fundamental aspect of your training will be your diet. If you’re over eating your workout will be in vain, and if you’re under eating you won’t have an effective training session. I have been to the gym on minimum food in the past, thinking … Read More

NHS: Nutritional Health Service

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It might have passed you by but, as of 2014, medical students no longer study nutrition, which has two concerning implications. The first is the welfare of patients, as many medicines and treatments depend upon the support of a healthy diet to work effectively, allowing symptoms to persist and worsen, … Read More

Science | Alcoholic drinks rated – kcal, pH and nutrition

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10 common alcoholic drinks put to the test and rated on number of calories (kcal), acidity (pH) and extra nutritional content. Take a look and find out how your favourite drink rates: Check back next week for the behind the scenes video of the pH testing! Scout Davies