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Losing my Bongo’s Bingo Virginity

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Bongo’s Bingo was something that I heard about from week one of Leeds. Throughout my first year, friends went and insisted it was one of the best nights they’d ever had. When I asked ‘why?’ the only answer I’d get was ‘you had to be there’. At the time it … Read More

Bongo’s Bingo bring So Solid Crew to Leeds for Oktoberfest Special

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Bongo’s Bingo has developed a now-international reputation for being fun, ridiculous and unashamedly extra. And now, staying true to form, they’ve upped the stakes once again for the latest party, the Oktoberfest special at South Bank Depot. If you’re not familiar with Bongo’s Bingo, let me give you the lowdown. … Read More

Society Spotlight: Real Ale Soc

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A huge part of freshers, and University in general, is the drinking culture. So it seems fitting to tell all you freshers and refreshers about the Real Ale Society, so that you won’t be stuck having VKs and vodka mixers for the next three years. I reached out to committee … Read More

Oktoberfest is coming!

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Yes, October is here, but don’t fear, so is Oktoberfest! Celebrating days of Bavarian Food, Bier and music they will be bringing you… DRINK: Erdinger, one of Germany’s most popular brands is being bought to Leeds, alongside their haus beir. If bier’s not your thing, don’t worry! A range of German … Read More