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Editor’s Letter, Issue 4 – ‘£2,352,563 of Investments’ and Why That’s £2,352,563 Too Much

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Dear readers, This week, I’m going to divert from my usual tactic of chatting absolute nonsense to address a rather more serious issue. Apologies to any fans awaiting a sly dig at my predecessor, Reece Parker, but I feel like stooping to the level of hyperbolic name-calling would undermine the … Read More

An open letter to anti-feminists

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It’s 2017 and yet some people still have the wrong impression of feminism. This week, Bradley busts the most common myths that still surround it. “Brad, I’ve got this friend coming up over the weekend who you might be in to. She’s really into politics like you, she’s studying at … Read More

A Modern Ruin? Open Letter to Frank Carter

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Dear Frank Carter, What happened to you? I remember back in 2009 when your band Gallows released one of my favourite hardcore albums of all time, Grey Britain. I remember listening to it on repeat for days on end, in awe of your blistering, cathartic vocal performance and your haunting … Read More

We need you: vote ‘yes’ so that your voice is heard

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    I remember, exactly this time last year, that I said I would do everything in my power to serve this student newspaper. I am writing this open letter today because the time has come for me to enact my promise. As a student publication, The Gryphon is faced … Read More