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Love, Dystopia and Baked Beans: LUU Open Theatre’s Jellyfish

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Lucy Keitley reviews LUU Open Theatre’s Production of Jellyfish, a play by Josh Kirby and Hugo Jones. Jellyfish is a post-apocalyptic tale of the extremities of human existence; broken bonds, tyrannical rulers and finally a hope of blossoming love. The play, written by Hugo Jones and Josh Kirby, follows the … Read More

Meet the New Presidents of LUU’s Theatre Group and Open Theatre

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Views Editor Ed Barnes talks new projects and daunting audition processes with Theatre Group‘s Katie Austin and Open Theatre‘s Eve Walton So first of all, to any readers who haven’t heard of your societies, what is it that you do? EVE: So Open Theatre (OT) is an experimental theatre society. … Read More

Open Theatre’s intriguing and comedically touching A Safe Place to Hide

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Louise Johns’ A Safe Place to Hide sees the banality of office life at Silchester Publishing Ltd disturbingly suspended upon the entrance of a gunman to the building. With only an office door and makeshift barricade between the seven team members and the madman outside, the staff’s vulnerability exposes the intimacies … Read More

What’s what with Arts Socs

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Leeds University Union has a wide variety of societies, each one different, interesting and inclusive. Whether you want to try out something new, or hone a new talent and skill you never thought you would master, you will surely find your place here at Leeds. With over 30 different societies … Read More

Review: OT’s Peroxide – student space-age absurdity

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The recognisable life of a Leeds student collides with space-age absurdity for hilarious consequences in Open Theatre’s new play Peroxide. The action begins following a wild night out and Tahys Rodriguez, playing Sophie, and Mike Schenck, as Oliver, immediately thrive in setting the ironic tone that would characterise the rest … Read More

Review: OT’s Ink Boy – an impressive piece of new writing

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On Thursday night, the Alec Clegg theatre saw the first ever performance of Hugo Jones and Josh Kirby’s new writing, ‘Ink Boy’ – a surrealist dark comedy about Gordon, a hapless and uninspired employee who is mistakenly granted seven wishes by a mysterious fairy godmother. Played by Kieran Bose Rosling, … Read More

Review: OT’s Passion Play – impressive immersive theatre

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Peter Nichols’ 1981 Passion Play is not for the fainthearted. Diving head-first into the aching world of adultery, the play’s central themes of deception, betrayal and desire not only challenge the audience but also demand both actor and director reach for the rawest of emotion. Open Theatre’s artistic courage must, … Read More

LUU Theatre Roundup: Part 1

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It‘s been a busy couple of weeks for the University of Leeds‘ student theatre groups. In The Middle give you a taste of our thoughts on the various productions so far. Theatre Group: NSFW “Advertised as a ‘play all about boobs’ by director, Liv Morrissey, the intellectual integrity of TG’s … Read More

Show Week Time: Theatre on campus next week

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Show week is nearly upon us. For all of those involved with the excellent student productions on campus next week, times are probably rather stressful. For all the rest of us however, we’ve got a great run of shows ahead of us to look forward to. Here’s a reminder of … Read More

…But the Kitchen Sink showcases a cast that give this play a professional gloss

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Open Theatre wrapped up their final show for this semester with an original comedy written by Robin Leitch and Joshua Ling. Set in the quaint kitchen of an old Yorkshire woman’s home, events soon escalate as Diedre Edgeworth discovers that what is blocking her sink is slightly more important than … Read More