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Political Correctness Gone Sad

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We are, in general, pretty good at knowing when we’re being lied to. Advertising, politicians, announcements on public transport; modern human existence, unfortunately, involves wading through a fair amount of bullshit of one sort or another. But we’ve grown up with it, been molded by it. Particularly in Britain, this … Read More

A Brexiteer’s Look At The Arithmetic of May’s Deal

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As an ardent supporter of Brexit, it is important to me that this country leaves the European Union. However, I am not naïve. I recognize the need for a deal with the EU in order to provide the much-needed stability that businesses require to invest and flourish in the UK. … Read More

Deceit. Betrayal. Sabotage.

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Deceit, Betrayal, and Sabotage: These are just some of the words which sprung to my mind when the Prime Minister announced her shambolic Brexit deal. After more than two years of negotiations, the self-proclaimed “bloody difficult woman” brought back a deal which effectively kept Britain in the EU all but … Read More

Is The Moral Price Of Electric Cars Too High?

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By 2040, all new cars in the UK will be zero-emission according to the government’s recent “Road to Zero” plan. Environmentalists rejoice in response as current air quality in the UK is shockingly poor. Dozens of cities are well in breach of the current EU pollution limits, Leeds one of … Read More

I Can’t Help But Respect Theresa May

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I will openly admit it: I respect Theresa May. While one could produce an extensive list of her character flaws, the last two weeks have shown our beleaguered prime minister to be indefatigable, resilient and tenacious. By most peoples’ reckoning, the Prime Minister suffered two days of hell after unveiling … Read More

“Feederism”: An Empowering or Harmful Fetish?

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It’s 2018. At this point its profusely clear that political correctness has gone mad. Spotted dick is now called “Spotted Richard” and Dennis the Menace has been redrawn as a less threatening and less of a troublemaker. But should we perhaps be asking if body positivity has gone mad too? … Read More

The Rot Of David Cameron And The Tory Party

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There has been a deluge of commentary as of late about David Cameron, who joins Tony Blair as one of the most widely reviled ex-Prime Ministers that Britain has ever had the misfortune to suffer. Alongside the widespread ridicule, there has been much criticism of the state he left Britain … Read More

Advocating For An “Uncivil” Politics

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I’d like to start with the caveat that I don’t know whether opinion journalism is as important as news reporting. In order to have some kind of value, I guess this kind of journalism has to be prescriptive: it has to imply a certain course of action or attitude to … Read More

Is Patriotism An Antidote For Nationalism?

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While addressing a ceremony at the centenary of the armistice at the Arc De Triomphe, French President Emmanuel Macron warned of the alarming rise of nationalism across Western Europe and the United States. He described it as a “betrayal of patriotism”. Macron claimed that patriotism was the opposite of nationalism. It … Read More

Forget Boris, Gove, or Hunt: Larry Should Be The Next Prime Minister

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Given the difficulties, current Prime Minister Theresa May is having getting her Brexit bill through Parliament and a failed coup led by Jacob Rees-Mogg, talk of her successor is more rampant than ever. However, rumours are circulating that one contender for Britain’s Brexit negotiator has been left out in the cold. … Read More