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The mental health of NHS workers is in jeopardy: the Conservative government should learn from Germany about how to treat doctors and nurses properly

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It’s no secret that the NHS is in crisis. Chronically underfunded by the current Conservative administration, in 2017 NHS Funding stated that it would need £30 billion to plug the funding gap. The response of Simon Stevens, CEO of NHS England, was to provide a measly sum of £8 billion. … Read More

Opinion: Why Watford’s managerial chop and change is a formula to follow

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Gino Pozzo appointing 8 managers in less than 6 seasons since his arrival at Watford may suggest that his tenure has been far from successful – but with Watford looking likely to secure their 4th consecutive season in the Premier League, Pozzo’s regime proves that there is more to running … Read More

Good Riddance to the RA Polls

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After eleven years, tastemaking electronic music magazine Resident Advisor (RA) have decided to scrap their end-of-year polls, which rank (underground) artists (both DJs and live acts) based on the number of votes they receive from members of the general public. Originally starting in 2006, the first two editions of the … Read More

Defenders – The TV’s Avengers?

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It’s not quite, but then again it doesn’t want to be. It wants to be a culmination of an arc that was built from Daredevil and Iron Fist, which it is… with fair results. Despite Grade A performances from all our established characters, the show starts off too slow. Taking … Read More

Why tits have nothing to do with it

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Emma Watson is definitely not the only one confused at the negative backlash concerning her latest photoshoot for Vanity Fair. Whilst critics argue that it is hypocritical of her to pose in a revealing manner given her feminist ideals, the rest of us might argue that they really don’t understand … Read More

The Volkswagon Emission Scandal

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Over the past week it’s emerged that Volkswagon have been ‘cheating’ in their emission tests by making their cars appear far less polluting than they are. Volkswagon clearly see a different meaning to cheating than the rest of us. Whilst most students would consider cheating to be taking notes into … Read More

Idris Elba ‘Too Street’? Yes please.

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Anthony Horowitz, author of the Alex Rider series, has sent ripples through the entertainment community after his interview with The Daily Mail promoting his latest novel in the Bond canon, Trigger Mortis. Despite laying heavily into Quantum of Solace and Skyfall, it was his single comment about the possibility of … Read More

Opinion | Interactive Theatre

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Alice Rafter questions whether interactive theatre and audience participation is merely an annoying trend or more profoundly, is it the future for performance? Slowly working itself more and more into productions and the theatre world, audience participation (or ‘breaking the fourth wall’) used to panic even the most avid theatre-goer. And … Read More