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Historical Amnesia, Miseducation, and Empire

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Cartoon: “Allegoria sull’impero Inglese” (An allegory of the English Empire) by Augusto Grossi depicting the British Empire as a snake, 1878. In 2016, the Independent quoted a poll which found that 44% of British people were proud of Britain’s colonial history, with 21% regretting that it happened and 23% holding … Read More

Should We Be Wary Of The German Right?

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On Wednesday 7th November, Alice Weidel, the leader of the second most popular political party in Germany, was expected to arrive in the city of Oxford and deliver a speech at the Oxford University Union. However, Wednesday came and went and Alice Weidel never got on the plane. Why? Weidel … Read More

Can Trump And The Democrats Work Together?

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Now the midterms are over and the Democrats have regained control of one chamber in Congress, it seems more unlikely than ever that Republican and Democratic divides can be overcome. Just one day after the midterm results became clear, Donald Trump began a tirade of anti-Democrat press releases, including a … Read More

Ozone Healing: Are We Doing Enough?

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It seems miraculous to hear anything positive about the environment and global warming, but this week the UN published a report that managed to make me feel like lugging all my glass bottles to the bottle bank has been worth it. The ozone layer is healing. In the late 1990s, … Read More

A 94-Year-Old Man Is On Trial: Justified?

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On the 6th November, former Nazi guard, Johann Rehbogen, went on trial for his complicity in the murder of hundreds of people in Stutthof Camp, Poland. This is not the first trial of its kind: the Third Reich left a bloody mark on history. On the surface, this is an … Read More

Leeds Council Must Ban Cars To Take On Air Pollution

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There was a fantastic article in last week’s Gryphon, outlining the unprecedented level of air pollution found in Leeds. Not only is the air quality in Leeds the third worst in the U.K. It’s also become noteworthy on a European level as one of seven major cities to breach EU-regulated … Read More

The Poppy Controversy: A Sign of Respect Or An Endorsement Of War?

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The Case For Poppies: A Sign of Respect For some time, and most notably in the past few years, the choice to wear – or not to wear – a poppy leading up to Remembrance Sunday has unfortunately become somewhat of a political or religious statement. From my point of … Read More

#MeToo and the Silencing of the Press

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It has been an unholy tradition for many years that powerful people can silence accusers using defamation suits, NDAs, and other legal tools that are weaponized in order to rummage through the life of accusers both financially and emotionally. The Me-Too movement was built on the foundation of brave people … Read More

A Personal Account of Drug Use and Mental Health

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I was aware that drug use permeated British university culture before I moved here. Conversations with friends and pop culture gave me the impression that casual substance use was expected, if not the norm among students. Leeds, I knew, was a “good night out” (wink wink). I had tried ecstasy … Read More

The End of Austerity? Don’t be Absurd

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Last week, we saw the Chancellor of the Exchequer, Philip Hammond, deliver the annual budget. The defining moment of this year’s budget was Hammond’s bold declaration that “the era of austerity is finally coming to an end.” So, is he telling the truth? Moreover, has austerity worked? The answers, of … Read More