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Is George Soros To Blame For Everything?

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Remember when conspiracy theories were the sole preserve of your one insufferable friend who painstakingly chronicled their YouTube “research” in an effort to convince you that 9/11 was an “inside job”? No longer. They are now truly mainstream. A study from Cambridge University has discovered that sixty per cent of … Read More

Why Half Of America Is So Worried About The Notorious RBG

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For liberal Americans, the name Ruth Bader Ginsburg – known affectionately as RBG – is synonymous with everything in which they believe. At 85, she is one of the oldest judges on the Supreme Court of the United States and perhaps the most liberal of all nine of them. For … Read More

Making Misandry A Hate Crime Hinders The Fight For Gender Equality

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For hundreds of years, women have been oppressed and victimised by men and yet, the crimes committed against women have failed to be categorised as hate crimes. A hate crime is defined as a crime where the perpetrator is motivated by hostility or demonstrates hostility to a victim’s race, sexual … Read More

Is Merkel Finished?

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After almost 13 years as Chancellor of Germany, Angela Merkel has finally lost credibility as leader. According to a poll by ZDF television, 56 per cent of Germans think Merkel should now step down from her long-held leadership role. On 14th October, the sister party of Merkel’s CDU, the CSU, … Read More

Does The LGBT+ Community Have A Problem With Hierarchy?

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The LGBT+ community is frequently called the ‘gay community’ by much of wider society. This seems exclusive and would be all too easy to write off as a privileged majority playing catch up if the queer community wasn’t also part of the problem. Whilst mentions of gay pride and the … Read More

Why A Papal Visit to North Korea Could Be A Step In A Better Direction For Both Institutions

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In the latest of a series of moves that have seemed to herald a new, more liberal trajectory for North Korea, Dictator Kim Jong-Un has announced that he’s to invite the Pope to visit the mysterious country for the first time in its history. While some have claimed that the … Read More

Both The Conservatives And Labour Are Wrong About Housing

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As it stands, the people of Britain are quite divided. There is, though, one issue that brings them all together – housing. There’s a rare consensus in Britain that cuts across all the political spectrum. We need more houses. This is understandable but wrong. Theresa May was right about one … Read More


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The biggest story from Parliament before the summer recess was that Theresa May survived as Prime Minister. However, most agree that Mrs May cannot lead the party into the next election. Conservative MPs can trigger a confidence vote should 15% of them write to the chair of the 1922 committee … Read More