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The Western view of North Korea

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North Korea has one of the strangest relationships with the West in modern political times.  In an average year we will fluctuate between mass hysteria over the country’s active nuclear weapons programme to mocking Kim Jong-un’s latest sky high haircut. It’s a corrupt and oppressive dictatorship, with countless human rights … Read More

Comment | Israel's abuses must end

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Israeli Apartheid Week is often accused of been divisive, creating tensions and alienating people. These accusations are completely correct, in that it divides those who defend apartheid from those who do not. The International Convention on the Suppression and Punishment of the Crime of Apartheid state that the crime of … Read More

Photo: PSG construct Union checkpoint

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Members of the Palestinian Solidarity Group constructed a checkpoint outside Leeds University Union this week. The stunt intended to highlight the day-to-day struggles faced by Palestinians living in the West Bank. Second year English student Joe Bilsborough explained how “checkpoints are one of the main systems used by the Israeli … Read More