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Oxford Dictionaries Names ‘Toxic’ 2018’s Word of the Year

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Britney fans rejoice – Oxford Dictionaries have announced that ‘toxic‘ is their Word of the Year for 2018. gay people walk quickly because we constantly have Toxic by Britney Spears (143 bpm) playing in our heads whereas straight people have Closer by the Chainsmokers (95 bpm) — leon thotsky (@mikedolan_vevo) … Read More

Diesel Bans as Air Quality Standards Get Harder To Meet

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Climate change is not going away. Pollution is not abating. Harmful gas emissions are not decreasing. Within the European Union, road transport is responsible for about 20% of all CO2 emissions. That’s enough for us to be asking the question: what is being done about the gas emissions from road … Read More

Oxbridge Accused of “Social Apartheid”

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Oxford and Cambridge University, often perceived as the most prestigous academic institutions in the country,  are being accused of ‘social apartheid’ after failing to admit a single black student to a number of their colleges.  One in five of Cambridge Colleges and one in three Oxford Colleges failed to admit a … Read More

Elite Universities Lobby Others to Bear Brunt of Cuts

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After discussion within the government regarding university funding, some Russell Group universities have suggested that more modern establishments should drop their fees, as they can afford to be on the receiving end of cuts as they have lower running costs. During Theresa May’s speech at the Conservative party conference, she … Read More

Campus Watch

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University of Oxford: Oxford College bans Christian Union from Fresher’s Fair Balliol Christian Union was told it was not allowed representatives at a fresher’s fair because the college’s student body (JCR) wanted the fair to be a “secular space”. A multi-faith stall was allowed to hand out leaflets, but nobody … Read More

University sexual assault epidemic revealed

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Guardian investigation finds sexual harassment at ‘epidemic levels’ at UK universities. After submitting over 100 Freedom of Information requests to universities up and down the country, The Guardian finds that at least 169 student allegations of sexual harassment, misconduct and gender violence by university staff made between 2011/12 and 2016/17. … Read More

Oxford abroad? The University is considering opening campuses abroad to continue receiving EU benefits

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Oxford University is considering opening its first foreign campus in response to the UK leaving the European Union. This would break the university’s 700 year tradition as it has never opened a foreign branch. The former director of the French ministry for education, Jean-Michel Blanquer, confirmed French authorities were working … Read More

Campus Watch: Kim Jong Un’s nephew refuses Oxford place fearing assassination by his own uncle

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The nephew of North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un has refused a place at an Oxford college fearing assassination by his uncle’s hitmen, it has been claimed. It seems that the allure of the prestigious institution and the prospect of a reunion with his girlfriend (reportedly already studying in Oxford) … Read More

Campus Watch: A new £115 million diabetes research centre will be opened at Oxford University

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A new diabetes research centre is to be opened at Oxford University by Danish pharmaceutical company Novo Nordisk. The company’s £115m investment and their promise of 10 years of continued funding comes in spite of Brexit and the many “uncertainties” the vote has produced. Novo Nordisk has been a specialist … Read More

Campus Watch: Pamela Anderson gives a lecture on pornography to students

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Pamela Anderson gave a speech to scholars at Oxford University, portraying her concerns over the increasing number of people that watch porn. She stated that she would like to campaign for a reduction in the viewings of porn as a social experiment. The mass consumption of internet pornography has led … Read More