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Can you be a Page 3 girl and a feminist?

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Yes Charlotte Gray In the last few years, The Sun’s notorious ‘Page 3’ has become a go-to example of the lingering and anachronistic misogyny that underlines our society. The ‘No More Page 3’ campaign has gone from strength to strength and The Sun has been banned from sale in our … Read More

No More Page 3: a hindrance or a help?

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I am the first to jump on the feminist bandwagon wherever possible, but when, a few weeks ago, the Sun supposedly ‘banned’ Page 3 for a whole 24 hours, I wasn’t celebrating a victory over the patriarchy with the rest of the sisterhood; in fact, I was a bit dubious. … Read More

Comment | Posing topless? It's your feminist right

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Lads’ mags have been a prominent issue for the last few months; over 45 per cent of the public believe they should be banned and as a result, some action has been taken, by the Co-Op for example, to cover up the explicit images on the covers, which are believed … Read More

News | Students call for page 3 ban

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A student has submitted an idea to the Better Union forum to ban Page Three from the building. The latest ideas have been put forward as part of the Better University, Better Union and Better Leeds forums this week, including a motion for an ‘asexual awareness week’ and another relating … Read More

Debate: Breast Intentions

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One of Britain’s most popular papers, The Sun, has been printing topless models alongside top news stories for decades. But recent discussion and campaigns have condemned page three as sexist and outdated. This week Big Debate asks, should there be an end to page three girls? YES: Ruby Lott-Lavigna If … Read More