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In defence of paper and print: is an eBook ever as good?

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If there’s one thing that immediately comes to mind when I think of happiness, it’s a well thought out bookshelf (think rainbow-organised, neat little rows of content). To me, there are not many things more pleasing than seeking out a beautiful book cover – except turning the pages and finding … Read More

News | Hundreds come out in support of LS

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Hundreds have come out in support of LS on Twitter, following the news that the paper will no longer be able to print due to lack of funding. Many people have commented on the importance of student papers, with theology student Anna Skerratt claiming the funding issue was “an utter disgrace”. … Read More


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A team of four students representing Leeds University have come ninth in the finals of The iQuiz, a national student quiz run by the i Paper. The ‘High Functioning Sociopaths’ team consisted of Emily Channon, Nick Gandy, Matthew Fisher and Tom Goldie. The quiz was described as a competition of … Read More

News | Students axe The Sun

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The Sun newspaper has been banned from sale at the Union, following a student vote. Politics student, Niall MacLaughlin submitted the idea for the Union to support the No More Page 3 campaign by refusing to sell The Sun. MacLaughlin told LS: “it is my belief, shared by many other … Read More