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General Election Special Feature

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We take a closer look at how policies will impact students, and why it is vital for students to vote. Theresa May has called for a snap election for the 8th of June, but what do the main parties stand for and how will their policy proposals affect students and … Read More


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Winged eyeliner and red lips Play it safe with this classic look that we all know and love. Use Kat Von D’s Tattoo Liner to achieve a really precise cat eye, and pair the look with a heavy contour and red lips. Remember to use a red lipliner for extra … Read More

An interview with Hilary Benn, MP

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The Gryphon sat down with Hilary Benn, Member of Parliament for Leeds Central, to discuss Trump, Brexit, and the state of the Labour Party. Sacked from his post of Shadow Foreign Secretary by Corbyn in June and now reportedly having to contend with the elections to his Leeds Central constituency … Read More

Music | New Year's Eve Party Playlist

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As we wish 2013 a fond farewell, we thought we’d pay the year one final musical tribute and offer a selection of party anthems old and new for your musical entertainment on the worlds greatest party event. Whether you’re relaxing by the fire or profusely sweating by the speakers, turn … Read More

News | Student to stage party of the year

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Music student Ross Muir could be bringing a spectacular 3D visual party worth up to £30k to the Union. The third year has reached the final stages of a competition giving students the opportunity to pitch their ultimate party idea for their university. The winner will receive a £30,000 investment … Read More