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Ryanair controversy reveals both internal and external problems

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Ryanair is renowned for dominating the budget airline market in the UK, but its reputation is by no means gleaming. In 2013, Which? magazine famously conducted a consumer survey on customer service, asking participants to rate companies on the staff’s attitude, ability and knowledge. This left Ryanair in last place … Read More

Review: Passengers – a disappointingly shallow sci-fi

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Passengers is a sci-fi film that tells the story of Jim Preston (Chris Pratt), a mechanical engineer, who wakes up 90 years too soon from an induced hibernation. Jim has emigrated from Earth to start a new life on a different planet called Homestead II. With all 5,000 travellers still in … Read More

The Science behind this year’s Science Fiction Movies

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Science-fiction films offer us a chance to escape into a future which we can only dream of – one where anything and everything is possible. Throughout the last few decades Sci-Fi has made incredible strides, in no part thanks to the advancements in special effects technology. The best Sci-Fi films postulate about … Read More