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Kindness ‘Otherness’ Album Review

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Kindness’s new album Otherness is pure angsty funk. If the sentimental track titles are anything to go by, he has clearly had a lot on his mind; ‘Why Don’t You Love Me’, ‘Who Do You Love?’ and ‘This Is Not About Us’ would all seem more at home on the … Read More

Music | Album Review – Tycho

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Tycho Awake 4/5 Tycho’s latest album, Awake, sees the ambient producer strip back his sound and go back to basics. Gone are the sound effects of the ocean and the voice samples of his last offering – instead, his new work is more upbeat, even sounding somewhat indie rock at … Read More

Music | TOY live

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Within approximately one minute of taking to the stage, TOY had turned a sea of excitably transfixed teenagers into a bunch of gloomy statues. Their introductory statements of blank expressions were all The Cockpit needed to ruin the vibe, but this is TOY, after all. Their appearance for the evening … Read More

Music | Album Review – Beck

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Beck Morning Phase 4/5 There has been a six year gap between Beck’s latest album, Morning Phase, and his last, Modern Guilt. Such a hiatus would suggest that the singer-songwriter has been leading up to something of some magnitude, and the new album is indeed very different to its predecessor. … Read More

Music | Touché Amoré Live

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Amidst the battering punk drumbeats and heavy guitar riffs, Jeremy Bolm’s emotional lyrics would almost be masked by his screaming vocals and the volume of his band mates… if it wasn’t for the crowd religiously chanting every word back to him. ‘I feel what’s best for everyone, is to forget … Read More