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Inside student art collective, Platform3

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The Gryphon sat down with student art collective, Platform3, to discuss who they are, what they hope to do, and their upcoming events. The brainchild of Emma Bentley-Fox, Lily Lavorato and Phine Mitchell, Platform3 is a new Leeds-based and student-led art collective, formed with the belief that art has the capacity … Read More

Comment: Tom Hardy's poorly-voiced characters are the evolution of acting

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Tom Hardy is a terrific physical actor. His characters look, act, move and behave as they should. His Mad Max, almost feral, scrabbles in the dirt and communicates through grunts and stares; in Locke, every hand movement, every facial tic, is key to understanding the character, vital for a film … Read More

Beloved Actor and Director Alan Rickman: In Memoriam

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Alan Rickman, star of stage and screen and a giant among the British creative industries, has passed away at the age of 69 in London, his family confirmed Thursday. The much-loved actor and director had been suffering from cancer. Rickman was perhaps best known by modern audiences as Severus Snape … Read More

2015 Turner Prize goes to urban regenerators Assemble

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London-based Assemble were named winners of the 31st Turner Prize on Monday night in a ceremony in Glasgow. The group, which consists of 18 members, was recognised for their work regenerating urban spaces in Toxteth, Liverpool, using art and design. They are the first ‘non-artists’ to win the prize since its inception … Read More

Why A Sexist Bond Is No Longer Fit For The 21st Century

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Spectre is a fantastic film – it’s not as good as Skyfall, but it comes somewhere close. Craig, Waltz et al are superb, and that opening scene is one of the best ever put on film. Its treatment of women, however, is severely problematic. Of course, that’s always been part … Read More

Review: No/Gloss Film Festival

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In early October, No/Gloss Film Festival returned to Leeds for its fourth year of showcasing the best from the underground, DIY film scene. Many of the films this year touched on contentious themes in cinema such as gender, identity and politics. There was so much talent displayed at the festival, but … Read More

Legend Review: An Entertaining Romp Through 1960s London

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When we first see Tom Hardy, and Tom Hardy, onscreen in Legend we’re awed by the spectacle – it’s stylish, it’s slick, it works well, it shocks you, and it damn well looks good. It’s take a little getting accustomed to, but eventually you’re used to the double act, and … Read More

Straight Outta Compton: A Lyrical Masterpiece

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Straight Outta Compton is a lyrical masterpiece: a feat of storytelling that manages to squeeze drama, passion, musical genius and a rags-to-riches biopic into a blistering few hours of searing, soaring film. Cynics will say that it glosses over the negative aspects of its subjects, ignoring their many pitfalls and … Read More

Preview: No/Gloss Film Festival

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It’s no secret that low-to-no budget filmmaking is on the rise across the UK and the rest of the world. With advancements in technology and ever-reducing software costs, amateur and wannabe directors, actors, editors and producers (not to mention writers, cinematographers, and the whole host of other crew members required … Read More