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Not with a fizzle but with a bang: Secret Garden Party 2017

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It is with a heavy heart that we must wave goodbye to Secret Garden Party, an institution of British festival season since its debut in 2004. But every dog has its day, and as the festival closes its doors on over a decade of fun and madness, we take a … Read More

Top 5 acts to see at Secret Garden Party 2017

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To celebrate their last festival, Secret Garden Party are putting on quite a shindig. Booking only the best for their loyal punters, they’ve well and truly smashed the line-up this year. So, from knock-out headliners and to the gems in the rough, here’s The Gryphon’s top 5 acts to see … Read More

Rub By Peaches

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On first listen, Rub is a frightening mixture of confident electronic beats and aggressively sexual lyrics; unashamedly attention seeking, the album boasts tracks titled ‘Vaginoplasty’, ‘Dumb Fuck’ and ‘How you like my Cut’ to name a few. It is clear that Peaches uses Rub to explore a variety of relevant … Read More