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In the middle with @booksandquills

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Blogs Editor, Mariana Avelino, interviews YouTuber, Sanne Vliegenthart, and asks the burning questions aspiring bloggers and vloggers have always wanted answers to. The rise of digital media, particularly social media, has transformed how we communicate. With technological advances and the near ubiquity of the Internet, mass communication has arguably become … Read More

A satiric twist to the iconic Ladybird books

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The familiarity that comes with hearing the Ladybird brand takes us back to a time of simplicity, innocence and youth. To mark the centenary of their founding, Penguin Publishing has taken a trip back to its past by publishing the new era of Ladybird Books. The iconic publishing powerhouse has … Read More

A new direction for publishing?

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Penguin Random House UK axes degree requirement from recruitment process.  In an unprecedented move for the publishing industry, Penguin Random House has recently decided to scrap the need for a degree to enter their workforce. They say it will enable people from a wider range of backgrounds to enter the … Read More

Books: New Review: Meme Wars – The Creative Destruction of Neoclassical Economics by Kalle Lasn

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    Meme Wars is a book I was originally eager to lay into. The title alone made me scoff with a sceptical self-consciousness. It looked like a lame, hyped-up, hipster -manifesto: a book for those people who preach revolutionary messages about consumerism and popular culture and the injustices of … Read More

The Cookbook Review: Kitchen Heaven by Gordon Ramsay

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I would love to be a good cook. I watch MasterChef and Great British Bake Off aspiring to create something incredible, but left to my own devices some slightly questionable concoctions appear in the kitchen. It all seems easy enough when they’re doing it. (How I can make readymade pancake-mix … Read More

Books: New Review: The Obamas by Jodi Kantor

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  Will Obama manage to cling on to the presidency when the results of the US elections are announced later this evening? If Jodi Kantor is anyone to go by, Michelle will power him through, says Lucy Holden. During the 2009 Presidential Elections the Obamas told us they were different … Read More

Top Five Olympic Reads

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With Team GB finally storming the medal table, the British public are seeing gold- and what better time to pick up an Olympic read from our selection of the best sporting autobiographies past and present. Usain Bolt picks up the award for charisma on the screen, but who shines on … Read More