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Leeds Students Take to London’s Streets to Campaign for a People’s Vote

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On the 20th of October, Leeds students boarded coaches at 6am to head down to London. A sea of people greeted us as we exited the coaches at Hyde Park tube station, the point from which the March would soon depart. Amidst this sea, EU flags, banners, homemade signs and … Read More

Brexit Means Remain? The Thousands Marching for a ‘People’s Vote’

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Love it or hate it, Brexit is everywhere. Arguably the most defining political issue of our time, it is impossible to escape. The People’s vote campaign is seeking a referendum on the final Brexit deal, with one choice on the ballot being to remain in the EU. The campaign is … Read More

‘The people’s vote’: doomed from the start?

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The 23rd of June 2016 was an earthquake that shook British politics. The seemingly uncontainable force of neo-liberal globalization had been halted by the revolt of the working classes. The Brexit vote was a devastating blow to the political elite and a result which they did not see coming. I myself, … Read More