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That’s Showbiz: The Right Here Right Now Show

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The stage lights illuminate to a simplistic bohemian style set, hanging plants from the ceiling, Persian rugs on the floor, a vodka bottle hidden to the hosts left. The Right Here, Right Now Show dazzles out in swirly writing from a backdrop of a brick wall imitation. Beautiful live jazz … Read More

LUU Societies Coming Up Trumps

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With over 300 societies, Leeds University Union caters to every need. Whether you want to find a new hobby, get involved in your subject, connect with your cultural or religious group, or even raise money, Freshers’ Week is the perfect time to find a society with a place for you. … Read More

Immersive ‘Black Rock’ Shows What It Is To Be Human

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From the creator of ‘The Weather Café’, ‘Black Rock’ is another of David Shearing’s innovative and immersive performances with the aim of imitating the sensations of climbing. Arts Writer, Liberty Anstead, describes her experience with this deeply personal and transcendent piece of art. Not knowing what to expect, my friend … Read More

Leeds RAG Fashion Show Review – Samsara

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The annual Leeds RAG Fashion Show is one of the most highly anticipated events on the union calendar, and this year’s show, Samsara, was no exception. Samsara, directed by Scarlett Gurney and Assistant Directors Helen Clifford and Laura Clifford, represented the cycle of the earth, focusing on sustainable topics such … Read More

Comedy: How to describe Figs In Wigs…

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London-based performance group Figs in Wigs are not easy to describe. Their website offers some help, suggesting you imagine ‘Kraftwerk meets Chicks on Speed at a fruit stall…and you‘re nowhere close’. However, their latest offering – the seemingly disparate, yet cleverly devised ‘Show Off’ – is perhaps your best bet … Read More

Review: Confirmation – An opinion-bending hybrid of stand-up and lecture

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The holocaust hasn’t happened. Auschwitz survivors are liars. Racial mixing and multiculturalism is destroying our country and Jews are plotting to take over the world. What would you do if you came across a person who thinks this? What would you do if he or she said they can understand … Read More

Review: Mugenkyo Taiko Drummers

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If you think updating a 6th Century Japanese art form for modern European audiences would be a difficult task, you would be right. Taiko drumming has played a key role in traditional Japanese music for centuries and, until recently, performances have been restricted to Asia and South America. With this … Read More

Ólafur Arnalds @ Howard Assembly Room 27/02

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Having previously listened to Ólafur Arnalds’ sorrowful, reflective works for piano, strings and electronics, I was not without cynical apprehension that the evening’s performance had the potential to be sentimental to the point of tawdry. However, his emotive compositions make for a truly captivating live performance, transporting a sold out … Read More

The Scribe | Basement Sessions an Underground Hit

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Down a dark street in Hyde Park, through a door lit with fairy lights, across a quaint tiled kitchen and down into a room of red walls. Welcome to Sheif’s House. This is the private venue in Hyde Park where Scribe Magazine is hosting their new poetry and spoken word open mic night. This has to … Read More

Music | Live Review: Jimmy Eat World @ Leeds O2 Academy

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15/9/2013 The average age of the audience is seventeen and the stench of hormones is heavy. Men in their mid-thirties who shouldn’t be here boozily sway amongst them, chanting “Yorkshire! Yorkshire! Yorkshire!” Tonight: Jimmy Eat World play their postponed set at Leeds o2 Academy. Support is provided by southern pop-rockers … Read More