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Friction among physicists at blatant sexism within the industry

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As a result of historical social practices we as a society have essentially come to understand sexism as a common, misogynistic occurrence, driven by the innate patriarchal nature of our culture. However, on the 28th of September Professor Allessandro Strumia depolarised this argument by claiming physics was “invented and built … Read More

Prizes Are Great But Female Representation in Science Is Far From Equal

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The Swedish Noble committee awarded The 2018 Noble Prize in Physics to a trio of scientists, including Canadian physicist Donna Strickland, for their research and discoveries about the science of lasers. With this award, Strickland became the third female laureate in Nobel Prize history. The prize had not been awarded … Read More

Scientists of the Year 2016: Guide to the Nobel Prize

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When Swedish scientist Alfred Nobel died in 1896, his will declared that his entire fortune should be used to reward the scientists who contribute “the greatest benefit on mankind”. Thus the Nobel Prize Laureates are announced in October each year and outstanding scientists are rewarded for their significant contributions to … Read More

Did the Big Bang really happen?

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The Big Bang is a concept familiar to many. It seems Brian Cox is contractually obliged to mention it whenever he talks publicly, while the phrase has even made its way into the English language to mean a sudden beginning. A new idea suggests the Big Bang may never have … Read More

From physics to Hollywood – the Black Hole that became a film star

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It’s reasonable to say that Kip Thorne’s career route has not been that of your typical theoretical physicist. After retirement from his role as Feynman Professor of Theoretical Physics at the California Institute of Technology (Caltech) in 2009, his passion for education burned on. Taking a step back from mentoring … Read More

Brains, LEDs and Super microscopes – 2014 Nobel Prize winners

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This week saw the announcement of the 2014 Nobel Prize in the fields of Medicine or Physiology, Physics, and Chemistry. The annual prizes are awarded for outstanding discoveries within their respective fields. This year, the discovery of the brain’s internal GPS system, the invention of the blue LED and the … Read More

The Ig Nobel Awards: The Science Prize that Rewards the Weird and Wonderful

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Winning the Nobel Prize is the pinnacle of a scientist’s career. It is the ultimate reward for years of labour and hard work. They slave away in dimly lit rooms, the lack of sunlight forcing them dangerously close to developing rickets. They peer into microscopes for hours on end, their … Read More

Books | Stephen Hawking – My Brief History

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“Physics was always the most boring subject at school because it was so easy and obvious. Chemistry was much more fun because unexpected things, such as explosions, kept happening. But physics and astronomy offered the hope of understanding where we came from and why we are here. I wanted to … Read More

Physics student proves Pointless

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A student has shot to fame after appearing on the BBC One game show, Pointless. Ollie Gibbs, a second-year Physics student, faced formidable questioning from presenters Alexander Armstrong and Richard Osman on January 25. Gibbs paired up with his mother Claire to battle through rounds of questions that ranged from … Read More