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Pieminister review: Who ate all the pies?

3 years ago / 0 comments

A pie and a pint. I get that. In fact, I want that. But, a pie in a cocktail bar that’s come dressed up as an American BBQ restaurant? Surely, something’s amiss here. While their look might not scream ‘pies are us’, Pieminister has been around since 2003, and founder … Read More

Photojournal | Staff on strike – "It's the last resort today"

5 years ago / 0 comments

“What’s twenty times six?” asks Ann Blair, law lecturer and President of University of Leeds University and College Union (UCU). “One hundred and twenty”. “Well. That’s how many mince pies I’ve been distributing on the picket lines this morning.” It’s a good effort: hundreds of lecturers, administrators and various support … Read More

The Growing Cost of Football

6 years ago / 0 comments

After the BBC’s recent ‘Price of Football’ survey, LS Sport‘s Euan Cunningham shares his thoughts… About a year ago I was travelling back from a match. The team I have a season ticket with had played appallingly and deservedly lost 2-0. Coming back on an overcrowded bus after a walk … Read More