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Arc, Headingley – The perfect way to ease those mid-Otley Run munchies

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We all know Arc as that slightly classier stop on the Otley Run, but did you know it also serves food? And pretty good food at that. Following the launch of its brand new menu, Jessica Murray went down to check it out…. At first glance, there’s nothing remarkable about … Read More

What’s new in science this week?

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Mathematicians grind out the perfect Cuppa: Researchers from the University of Limerick and the University of Portsmouth have developed complex calculations to help optimise the perfect cup of coffee. The research quantifies how the exact grain size of ground coffee can dictate whether the brew will be bitter or too watery. … Read More

Let’s talk about sex! (And pizza)

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Emma Healey, the Equality and Diversity exec is running “let’s talk about sex” sessions in student halls throughout next week. The sessions will be an open discussion to aid people in being able to support their friends who might have experienced sexual assault or abusive relationships. Emma says “As a survivor … Read More

Utter overindulgence at Burt & Nelly

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When it comes to Burt & Nelly the first big decision is whether to go for a savoury or sweet pizza, or both. Overeating caution: if, like me, your eyes are bigger than your belly and you decide to go for a savoury pizza with a side of macaroni cheese, … Read More

The Libertine: Lovely local pizza

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Once you’ve settled in to the routine of university life, it’s easy to get in to the habit of eating and socialising in the same places. However, it’s a new year, the ideal time to branch out and try something new and The Libertine is the perfect alternative to the … Read More

Food | Top Takeaways – Luckys

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hungryhouse.co.uk gave us the option to try out their top takeaways to avoid ever having a Munchies-esque cockroach feast ever again. First up LSi tried Luckys, a regular mid Otley Run stop, to see whether it tastes as good as you think it does after visiting around ten pubs before … Read More

News | Dominos worker arrested on campus

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A pizza promoter employed by the chain Domino’s, was arrested outside Leeds University Union last week. On Thursday September 26 the promoter, who was part of the extensive Dominos team deployed to Leeds during Freshers’ week, was approached by PC Matt Guy for swearing loudly. Despite introducing himself as a … Read More

The Eating Out Scout: Ecco Pizzeria

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Staying on the Italian theme this week Ella Healing tried out our local Headingley based Ecco Pizzeria… For our last week in Leeds, my boyfriend and I needed to celebrate a little. I’d heard great things about Ecco Pizzeria from friends, and we were far from disappointed by our visit. … Read More