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Year In Industry: After-sales Marketing Assistant at BMW

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Freddie Rowley is a final year BA Management student. She completed her year in industry at BMW in a paid role as an Aftersales Marketing Assistant at their Financial Services head office in Farnborough, Hampshire. During the placement, she rented a house with 4 other students on the placement scheme. … Read More

Placement Stress? Don’t Panic!

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All of a sudden, summer is over and campus is filled with students excited for a great year. For second year students, this time can be incredibly stressful as you are trying to ensure you have a placement sorted for your year in industry. Have you got your placement sorted … Read More

Still Looking for a Placement? Don’t Fret.

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Hunting for professional opportunities should be a positive and exciting process. The opportunity of putting our academic interests and achievements into practice (and the potential of earning a real wage) is motivating, and undertaking placements, grad-schemes and internships seems like the logical step during university. But sometimes it can all … Read More

The Urban Collective: Easy London Living

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Moving to London after uni? Searching for accommodation can be stressful and time consuming, as the founders of a new app discovered, when it took them 75 hours to search, find and organise viewings of rental properties. However, the founders of the Urban Collective took their difficult experience renting and … Read More

The Bank That Runs England

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Photo from : IBTimes UK We often hear about the Bank of England in the news. They are in charge of creating financial and monetary stability for the UK. Some of their most important functions include the setting official interest rates, issuing bank notes and regulating the financial industry. Working for … Read More

The real cost of London Living

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According to Numbeo you need around £4,481.67 in London to maintain the same standard of life that you can have with £2,700.00 in Leeds (assuming that you rent). Being from the North myself the alien world of London life seems sometimes outrageously expensive and unattainable. However come June I will … Read More