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Censoring Drill Music Will Not Solve Problems of Violence

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Drill music is the latest genre of UK urban music to be blamed for inciting violence amongst young people. Music has often been the focus of those trying to explain the violence of people they don’t really understand; think grime in the 2000’s or hip hop in the 90’s. The … Read More

Middle-Class Drug Use: Violent Crime or Stigmatisation?

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Home Secretary Sajid Javid is responding to a rise in violent crime on the streets of London by attempting to tackle middle-class drug use. He’s launched a major review of the issue that will focus on use amongst professionals. These statements haven’t been formed into any specific legislation yet. Authorities … Read More

In Manchester and Leeds, are austerity measures leading to rising crime rates?

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Police cuts across the UK have been an increasingly discussed issue across the last year. It is one that has also become increasingly politicised with the Labour Party frequently attacking Tory austerity policies that have led to a 20% cut in funding between 2010 and 2017. Rising crime rates alongside … Read More

REVIEW: Flint Town

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Filmed from above, a dark police car rolls noiselessly along a snow-covered track. Streetlights above reveal the road to be quiet and deserted. A crackly voice issuing from a police radio breaks the silence: “We have a male, white, wearing a Michigan State hoodie down in a driveway, semi-conscious… we … Read More

Hillsborough families report: Why has it taken 28 years?

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The fact that it has taken 28 years for a Hillsborough families report is nothing short of a national disgrace. Many Hillsborough family members and also survivors of the disaster have had to deal with awful mental health problems as a result of the tragedy in 1989.  An example of … Read More

Police Appeal for Information after Woodhouse Sexual Assaults

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Detectives from West Yorkshire Police are looking for a man thought to be behind two sexual assaults on women in the Woodhouse area of Leeds last week. The attacks took place in the early hours of Tuesday 26 September. One woman, 21, was grabbed and pushed into a bus stop … Read More

Bobbies on the brink

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£3.5 billion of further cuts have been ordered by the Chancellor of the Exchequer, Philip Hammond. This includes the police force, already heavily struggling, taking a further 3-6% cut. The watchdog Her Majesty’s Inspectorate of Constabulary (HMIC) has already labelled the condition of English and Welsh police as “potentially perilous”. … Read More

Engineering Havoc: Civil Engineering building evacuated three times in one week

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The University of Leeds’ Civil Engineering Building on campus has been evacuated and cordoned off by fire services and police on three separate occasions this week following an reported leak of a ‘respiratory irritant’. West Yorkshire Fire Service were called to the scene on both Monday and Tuesday evening. The … Read More

Leeds Engineering Building evacuated after ‘respiratory irritant’ leak

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The Engineering Building on the University of Leeds campus has been evacuated and cordoned off by fire services and police following a chemical leak. West Yorkshire Fire Service reported that they were called to the scene following ‘reports of a respiratory irritant’. There are reports that some students were affected … Read More

Fatal traffic collision on Kirkstall Road

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West Yorkshire Police are appealing for witnesses after a cyclist was killed and a driver seriously injured in a road traffic incident last night on Kirkstall Road nearby the Cardigan Fields retail park. The 33-year-old male cyclist was pronounced dead at the scene by paramedics shortly after the collision. The … Read More