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Israeli Spokesperson Sparks Protests on Campus

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Members of Leeds University Union’s Palestine Solidarity Group staged a silent protest on Wednesday to show their opposition to Yiftah Curiel, a spokesperson for the Israeli embassy in London, speaking at an event organised by LUU’s J-Soc and POLIS. PSG members staged a sit-in protest at the event, ‘Yiftah Curiel … Read More

Politics Students Stage Lecture Walkout

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A mass walkout took place during a political theory lecture on Karl Marx after students realised that the lecture was to consist entirely of a video. “Freedom, Power and Resistance: An Introduction to Political Ideas” is a module that “provides students with a critical introduction to Western political thought” and … Read More

Former Leeds University student detained in Tajikistan

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Leeds University alumnus Alexander Sodiqov is being detained in Tajikstan for allegedly partaking in espionage and treason. Sodiqov was undertaking the research into conflict prevention in the region as part of a contract with the University of Exeter until he was detained on June 16th. Pressure from the academic community … Read More