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The Single Market and the UK: A Little Bit of Heaven, A Little Bit of Hell

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At the 11th hour of Brexit talks between Theresa May and EU Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker on Monday 4th December, a veto mightier than the likes of what Johnson, Gove or Rees-Mogg could ever have dreamt of wielding was cast by ten Northern Irish MPs. The Democratic Unionist leader, Arlene ... Read More

The Millennial Railcard is a Poor Compromise for Millennials in Crisis

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One of the measures announced in the 2017 Autumn Budget was the extension of the 16-25 railcard to now include those aged 26-30. This will affect up to 4.6 million people when it comes into effect in spring 2018. The measure, nicknamed ‘The Millennial Railcard’, appears, on the surface, like ... Read More

Priti Patel: Good Thing She’s Gone

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Priti Patel Israeli bad at holidays.https://t.co/JGJeT9FbNB— Larry the Cat (@Number10cat) November 6, 2017 I am sure that Theresa May could not wait for last Friday to arrive, after losing two cabinet members, marking a catastrophic week for her Conservative government. Damian Green, the First Secretary of State, was suspended after ... Read More

Northern Ireland: Abortion Is a Medical Issue, Not a Criminal One

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Police should have better things to do than raiding offices for abortion pills https://t.co/hLA9WXnWus— eimear ✨ (@eimearod) March 19, 2017 When you think of Northern Ireland, what comes to mind? Is it beautiful scenery, the Titanic, maybe Game of Thrones? Or do you think of archaic, out-dated abortion laws? For ... Read More

The Dangerous Disdain For Tories

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Honk if you hate the Tories! #toryscum #Leeds pic.twitter.com/eRzDjhsr— Swss LeedsUni (@SwssLeedsUni) February 24, 2012 In order to develop we need to have our ideas challenged. Over the past few months, I have seen a trend forming amongst the politically active youth, whether it be through Facebook, Instagram or conversations ... Read More

Vogue in politics: creating an impact through fashion

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We often associate the fashion industry with superficiality, a world where everything is based on appearance and following what we are told is ‘trendy’. Indya Harvey looks at a few of the most political moments in Vogue, proving that fashion can be both profound and impactful. The Women’s March One … Read More

Myanmar: Ethnic Cleansing or Genocide?

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Once again, an event which humanity should have learnt from years ago rears its ugly head. Ethnic cleansing in Myanmar has impacted the lives of thousands of the Rohingya people purely because of their religion. While tensions rise in the West and debates continue over Islamic extremism and its impact … Read More

A Ticket To Nowhere? Councils ‘Help’ The Homeless

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The BBC’s Victoria Derbyshire Show has reported that councils across the country are tackling homelessness by buying one-way train tickets for rough-sleepers in their cities. It is believed that some councils have spent up to £1000 of their budget a year to move homeless people off their streets. What is … Read More

LGBTQ+ Asylum Seeking: An Unrecognised Struggle

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The rights afforded to us as citizens in one of the leading countries in the Western world, the UK, are often taken for granted. We forget that rights have not been afforded to us since the beginning of time; the battles for abortion rights, the right to vote, human rights, … Read More

The Conservative party conference 2017: The end of May’s tenure?

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Ever since the election on the 8th June, the Conservative party and its leader, Theresa May, have been on a downward spiral. A snap election, called by Mrs May herself, had seen her party lose its parliamentary majority despite having a 21 point lead in the polls beforehand. From the … Read More