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Don’t Worry, It’s Only The End of the F***ing World

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When “The End of the F***ing World” popped up as suggestion on Netflix, I did not think I would like it and merely put it on as something to watch in the background, as something that would not distract me from all the things I needed to do. I was … Read More

Violet Chachki makes ‘herstory’ by becoming RuPaul’s Drag Race alumni to star in an international lingerie campaign

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Violet Chachki, the winner of the 7th season of RuPaul’s Drag Race, has become the first star from the show to front an international lingerie range. The “Never The Girl Next Door” campaign in the Bettie Page collection has just been launched by Playful Promises, and includes a beautiful range … Read More

Elite Universities Lobby Others to Bear Brunt of Cuts

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After discussion within the government regarding university funding, some Russell Group universities have suggested that more modern establishments should drop their fees, as they can afford to be on the receiving end of cuts as they have lower running costs. During Theresa May’s speech at the Conservative party conference, she … Read More

Jeremy Corbyn attracts colossal crowd in Leeds

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This afternoon, Jeremy Corbyn spoke to a huge crowd in Leeds outside Brudenell Social Club. Despite the rain and very short notice, thousands of spectators turned up to see him speak, with some even climbing in trees to get a better view. He was originally scheduled to speak inside Brudenell Social … Read More

Jeremy Corbyn announces educational reforms at Leeds City College

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This morning Jeremy Corbyn spoke at Leeds City College, announcing his programme for educational reforms. The party has announced plans to pump billions of pounds into schools and adult learning. The increased spending would be paid for by increasing corporation tax to 26 percent, and undoing Conservative plans to cut … Read More

British Vogue announces Shulman’s successor

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Who is the man taking the reigns of the world’s biggest fashion publication? Polly Hatcher talks Edward Enninful.  On the 10th April it was announced that Edward Enninful is to succeed Alexandra Shulman as editor-in-chief of British Vogue later this year. Shulman has held her position for a quarter of … Read More

NUS votes in favour of free sanitary products at universities

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At the NUS conference last Tuesday, delegates voted in favour of using funds to buy tampons, sanitary towels and moon cups. Soon, these products will be offered to students across the UK for free. The NUS stated that the price of female sanitary wear is “classist” and that students are … Read More

Campus Watch: Delhi University looks to introduce lessons on how to use Facebook effectively

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Facebook has become an everyday aspect of the lives of people all across the world, and now Delhi University hopes to add “Facebook post writing” to its English curriculum. Alongside this, there would also be opportunities for students to learn about how to write an engaging blog post or cover … Read More

Campus Watch: Oxford students warned avoiding eye contact could be seen as racist

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Undergraduates at Oxford University have been told that failing to look another student in the eye could be viewed as racist behaviour. This came as part of a list of ‘micro-aggressions’ that has been circulated by the university’s equality and diversity unit. This move has been criticised for being patronising … Read More

Automatic voter registration to be introduced

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Leeds University Union is working towards introducing automatic voter registration for students. Leeds University Union is working in partnership with Leeds City Council to try and implement automatic voter registration for all new students by September. The NUS Society & Citizenship team has made automatic voter registration a priority, and … Read More