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From Where the Villa and Blues play – A Birmingham Playlist

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I’m from where the Villa and Blues play, the Burgers and Johnsons… For our latest Clubs Playlist, The Gryphon’s resident Brummie editor, Mary Lumley, compiles a set of songs linked to the Second City. Find a Youtube playlist below. Did you know Birmingham has more canals than Venice? Of course … Read More

Emeli Sandé @ O2 Academy, 22/3/2017

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2016 was the year of Emeli Sandé’s triumphant return to our airwaves, with the release of two singles ahead of her much anticipated second album, Long Live the Angels, four years after her hugely successful debut. 2017 now sees Sandé’s return to the stage, as she tours around the country … Read More

Communication by Nicole Millar

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Pop music these days tends to be mundane and overtly money-orientated. The latest offering from Sydney based songwriter Nicole Millar, Communication, has reached the dizzying heights of being distinctly average. Don’t take that as an insult to the EP though; average is a level not often reached by artists in … Read More

O Shudder by Dutch Uncles

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Two years since their last album, Out Of Touch, In The Wild,  Dutch Uncles’ have remained unmistakable; their music still embodied by their use of distinct electronic sounds, combined with meticulously lush string parts, confident bass lines and strikingly luring vocals. Smirking smiles are bound to appear from the outset, … Read More

Vulnicura by Bjork

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Bjork’s latest and ninth album is a record of her divorce from husband Matthew Barney, and the songs contained within it are unflinchingly vulnerable and wrought with heartache. It’s a side we’re not used to seeing from the individual who once cut such a ferocious, imposing figure on albums like … Read More

Ariel Pink ‘Pom Pom’ Album Review

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It’s never wise to judge a book by its cover but with Ariel Pink’s Pom Pom, you at least have a good inkling of what you are letting yourself in for. Usually when the cover of an album is baby pink with song names such as ‘Plastic Raincoats in the … Read More

Music | 10 reasons why Justin Bieber isn't all that bad

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Justin Bieber’s wild partying, paparazzi altercating and inebriated driving antics have dominated the tabloids for some time – a far cry from the baby-faced innocence the teenage heart-throb once held. His recent misconduct seems to suggest that he’s suffering from a severe case of his own Bieber fever. However, putting tabloid madness aside, … Read More

Comment | The Pornification of Pop

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When I step into my local newsagent, it never ceases to amuse me that copies of The Economist are kept on the top shelf, while The Sun and the Daily Star are kept within easy reach of children on the lower shelves. Clearly, well-endowed models and salacious celebrity gossip are … Read More

Music | Live Review: Jimmy Eat World @ Leeds O2 Academy

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15/9/2013 The average age of the audience is seventeen and the stench of hormones is heavy. Men in their mid-thirties who shouldn’t be here boozily sway amongst them, chanting “Yorkshire! Yorkshire! Yorkshire!” Tonight: Jimmy Eat World play their postponed set at Leeds o2 Academy. Support is provided by southern pop-rockers … Read More

This Week's Singles

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Shinies- ‘Ennui’  Label: Dirty Bingo Records 7/10  Words: Laura Ulanowski  After a weary and worryingly well-worn intro, it would be easy to put Shinies down as another Gaslight Anthem-style rock band. They are redeemed, however, after 26 seconds, by fuzzy, washed out harmonies – not without a nod to fellow Mancunians the … Read More