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Trouble in Paradise: Avoidance, Evasion and Offshore Accounts

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The Gryphon shines a light on the latest leak of British celebrities hiding their wealth in offshore funds and exposing the most vulnerable in society. On the 5th November 2017, millions of documents were made public relating to offshore investments. Named ‘The Paradise Papers’, these leaks revealed the private financial affairs of … Read More

Employed and in Poverty – Britain’s New Underbelly

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Stephen Armstrong, an investigative journalist, published his book ‘The New Poverty’ this year, in an attempt to document a troubling new trend in Britain: in-work poverty. The Gryphon spoke to him last week as he visisted Sheffield to talk about those who are in employed, yet in poverty in Britain. … Read More

A Ticket To Nowhere? Councils ‘Help’ The Homeless

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The BBC’s Victoria Derbyshire Show has reported that councils across the country are tackling homelessness by buying one-way train tickets for rough-sleepers in their cities. It is believed that some councils have spent up to £1000 of their budget a year to move homeless people off their streets. What is … Read More

Period Poverty. Why is it a Thing?

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The topic of period poverty has been circulating the media for over a month now, and yet many are still startlingly unaware and uninformed on the seriousness of the issue. Global girls’ rights charity Plan International UK recently published findings that a shocking one in ten young women between the … Read More

The Real Junk Food Project: “We rattle cages, we piss people off, but we do it because we believe it’s the right thing to do”

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As part of last week’s Leeds Creatives event, The Gryphon editor Jessica Murray sat down with headline speaker Adam Smith, founder of The Real Junk Food Project, to discuss how far the organisation has come in the last twelve months. The Real Junk Food Project have had an extremely busy … Read More

New app lets you buy leftover restaurant food

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The Gryphon speaks to Leeds grads Chris Wilson and Jamie Crummie about their quest to tackle the country’s food waste problem through their new app, Too Good to Go, that allows you to buy restaurants’ food at a fraction of the normal price. Over one million people in the UK … Read More

Lifestyle | Living below the line

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I think it’s fair that students are stereotyped as always being hungry. Walking around campus, I’ve seen students snacking on anything from toffee popcorn to the slightly more ambitious chicken kahari. So when given the opportunity to take part in the Live Below The Line challenge, I fully understood that … Read More

Comment | Serve the rich, eat the poor

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Faced with the shameful statistics that 13 million people in the UK are currently living below the poverty line and supermarkets waste 15 million tonnes of food each year, surely outrage and immediate action are the only possible responses? Seemingly not. Instead the powerful millionaires in Government and fat cats … Read More

Comment | No 'benefit' to anyone

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You might have noticed that critics and fans have been raving in equal measure about Channel 4’s recent series, Benefits Street. Whether you tuned in to watch or recoiled at the premise of the program, it certainly got people talking. Benefits Street was wrong on so many levels: from peddling … Read More

From Poverty to Power: Oxfam’s Senior Strategic Advisor speaks to Leeds Student

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Duncan Green will be visiting the University of Leeds students on Thursday, 31 January from 5-7pm in the Rupert Beckett Lecture Theatre. He will talk about about the changing landscape of global development. Oxfam’s chief Strategic Advisor spoke to Beckie Smith about poverty, power and public opinion. As Oxfam’s Senior Strategic … Read More