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Rebellious Fashion: A History

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Over the year’s, fashion has played a major part in shaping and reflecting the social climate. From the flapper dresses of the 20s to the power suits of the 80s, clothes are a powerful weapon for challenging the norm. Style Editors Beatrice Rae and Ashleigh Stern take a look at … Read More

Fashion Trumps Hate

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“Fashion should always be looked to in protest” Stood outside Trump Tower, on a street carpeted with placards and protest slogans, Rihanna stands in a LAPP jumper emblazoned with the words “This Pussy Grabs Back” worn underneath a layer of bright pink Molly Goddard tulle. An estimated 3.3 million men … Read More

Debate | What the Frack?

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Households across the UK have been told that they must prepare for a sharp rise in energy bills within two years as Britain comes “dangerously” close to power shortages. So, is Fracking for shale gas the solution to our energy needs? Shale gas is a natural gas found within shale … Read More

Comment | Energy companies vs. onesies

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As heating bills continue to rise and another frozen winter descends on Leeds, it’s worth noting how ridiculous the debate on energy policy has become at the national level. Common sense seems to have become a rarefied commodity over at the Department of Energy and Climate Change, and it seems … Read More

Thorium: War and peace in the Atomic Age

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‘Atomic’ is an ominous phrase and has precluded a paranoid age. North Korean nuclear weaponry is threated to point America’s way. Iran’s ‘peaceful’ production is hinged under an unstable theocracy. The events of Chernobyl and Fukushima still fresh in the mind of many. Nuclear power was promised, packaged and sold … Read More

Club owners hunt for Facebook vigilante

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9.11.12 A “Wanted” Facebook post profiling a local thief has inspired people to share it nearly 2,000 times in the hope of bringing him to  justice. The culprit was captured on CCTV stealing a pair of CDJ-1000 mixing decks worth over £1000 from Garage Nightclub. The club was planning to … Read More