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Scientists of the Year 2016: Guide to the Nobel Prize

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When Swedish scientist Alfred Nobel died in 1896, his will declared that his entire fortune should be used to reward the scientists who contribute “the greatest benefit on mankind”. Thus the Nobel Prize Laureates are announced in October each year and outstanding scientists are rewarded for their significant contributions to … Read More

News | PhD student lands £30k prize

5 years ago / 0 comments

A talented Leeds student has landed a £30,000 fund for his theatre project. David Shearing, a 30 year old PhD student, was among five artists last month who won the Sky Academy Arts prize. Through the use of video, light and sound design, the project looks to change the way … Read More

Bhanging night out

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The Union’s most energetic society will be representing Leeds at this Saturday’s Capital Bhangra competition in London. ‘Ministry of Bhangra Leeds’ is one of seven teams competing to win £500 prize money in what has been described as the UK’s most welcoming University team bhangra competition. Capital Bhangra was launched … Read More