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UPDATED: Students stage Union protest in solidarity with Hong Kong Occupiers

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Dozens of students stood in protest on the Union courtyard this afternoon in solidarity with the pro-democracy protests currently taking place in Hong Kong. The action started at 1pm and coincided with China’s national day, and saw a crowd of students stand in line holding umbrellas and displaying large banners. … Read More

Comment | Tony Benn dies – now our generation must carry the gauntlet

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Tony Benn’s personal impact has been enormous. My parents first met at a talk he gave at the University of London Union. As children, my sisters and I were taken to see him speak on many occasions. Growing up, his values, compassion and ideas deeply reinforced my politics. He has … Read More

Sport | Between the Lines – Racing Santander boycott a sign of things to come?

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Not much in the world of football surprises Between The Lines. Having endured more long balls than hot dinners and one too many penalty shootout debacles, BTL has developed a thick skin and an unhealthy pessimism on all matters to do with ‘the beautiful game’. So it came as a … Read More

News | Third strike lucky?

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Dozens of members of staff went on strike on Thursday following what they have described as “an increasingly bitter row over pay”. Members of University staff and students stood outside the Union building in solidarity and listened to talks from striking staff. They then moved to Parkinson steps, the starting … Read More

News | Student loans campaign gains momentum

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A group of students is set to tackle the government’s controversial plans to privatise student loans. Students from a range of backgrounds met this week to plan Leeds’ role in the nationwide week of action that begins on February 3. Action considered includes a march and the occupation of university … Read More

News | Mezz license revoked following student protest

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Mezz nightclub has had its licence suspended for three months, following the backlash over Tequila’s ‘Fresher’s Violation’ video. The decision to close the space until it is sold to new management was taken at a licensing review on December 9. The review follows Mezz’s announcement last Wednesday that it is … Read More

Photojournal | Staff on strike – "It's the last resort today"

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“What’s twenty times six?” asks Ann Blair, law lecturer and President of University of Leeds University and College Union (UCU). “One hundred and twenty”. “Well. That’s how many mince pies I’ve been distributing on the picket lines this morning.” It’s a good effort: hundreds of lecturers, administrators and various support … Read More

News | Mezz Club shuts down

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Mezz has closed down but the club night Tequila is to carry on, according to a statement released on Tequila UK’s Facebook page today. The closure comes days before the review of Mezz’s license on Dec 9. Tequila claim they have a new venue lined up and the club night … Read More

News | FemSoc leads second strike against Tequila

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A second protest against the weekly Tequila UK club night will be held on December 9, as The Mezz has its license reviewed by the Council. The protest is being planned by Leeds University Union’s Feminist Society will start at 9am outside Leeds Civic Hall. The protesters aim to remind … Read More

Comment | A revival in student activism

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Ask several people what the point of a Students’ Union is and it’s not unlikely that you’ll get completely different answers from each of them. Some will say that it’s a cheap bar; others will preach activism and campaigning. A few might even say that they serve no real purpose … Read More