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The liberal who cried wolf

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First things first; a disclaimer. Like 99% of the people I know I find Trump’s Muslim ban repulsive, ill thought out and counterproductive. As such it became a valid topic for what was Leeds’ third protest in just over a week, following the demonstrations after Trump’s inauguration and the Leeds … Read More

Toxic Trump

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After the world was left rightly distraught on Tuesday night at the thought of the racist, sexist and misogynistic pig that is Donald J. Trump becoming President of the United States of America. Masses of people lined the streets across the US in key cities like Chicago, Washington DC and … Read More

‘TEFCO’ protest against university reform proposals

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On Monday afternoon, Leeds Union activists ran a stall outside Essentials in a bid to register students for NUS’s forthcoming national demonstration. The apron wearing, tin can wielding campaigners petitioned under the banner ‘TEFCO’ in an attempt to highlight the marketisation of higher education widely associated with Theresa May’s Teaching … Read More

Campus Watch: Wits University reopens following student protests

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The University of Witwatersand (Wits), South Africa has reopened after student demonstrations forced its closure last week. Nationwide protests calling for free education have highlighted the continuing sense of inequality felt by many black students, more than two decades after the end of apartheid. Many universities were forced to either … Read More

Universities in South Africa close amid tuition protests

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Protests for free university education in South Africa escalated this week, prompting at least four institutions to close temporarily just before the exam period is due to begin. The protests follow a government proposal to raise tuition fees by up to eight per cent. With many young black South Africans, … Read More

Comment | COP-out for the Warsaw talks

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After the revelation that 90 companies have produced 63 per cent of the cumulative global emissions of industrial carbon dioxide and methane between 1751-2010, the role of corporations in the climate change debate was thrown into a new light. This could not have been more relevant than at the COP … Read More