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The Ig Nobel Awards: The Science Prize that Rewards the Weird and Wonderful

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Winning the Nobel Prize is the pinnacle of a scientist’s career. It is the ultimate reward for years of labour and hard work. They slave away in dimly lit rooms, the lack of sunlight forcing them dangerously close to developing rickets. They peer into microscopes for hours on end, their … Read More

Science | Bi-directional beer goggles make you beautiful

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Many students will be familiar with the “beer goggles” effect – the perception that other people appear more attractive after a few bevvies. But can the effect work both ways? A paper published last year in the British Journal of Psychology showed that inebriated individuals did in fact rate themselves … Read More

Why We Need a Climate Dream

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In August 1963, Martin Luther King began his speech to an enraptured audience. He spoke of injustice, tragedy and broken promises, then, as he moved through his script, there was a cry from the audience, “tell them about the dream Martin, tell them about the dream.” As the clock ticks … Read More