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Campus Watch: Cambridge students reject plan to end public display of exam results

2 years ago / 0 comments

Cambridge Students have decisively rejected a plan to put an end to the “wailing wall” of exam results, a 300 year old tradition which publicly publishes the grades of named students. A student referendum revealed that 55% of students felt that the tradition did not promote “a culture of shaming”, … Read More

Blogs | How to Keep Male Students Looking and Feeling Great

5 years ago / 0 comments

How to keep male students looking and feeling great: Men have a problem at public urinals, fact. It’s a self-image thing, the cause of undue worry, stress and insecurity amongst large numbers of males. Such insecurity in any body of students can be severely detrimental to performance and I believe, … Read More

News | Lecturers demand council opens up

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Leeds Journalism lecturers are calling on the Council to allow the recording of public meetings. Broadcast Journalism course leader Julia Firmstone said that it could only benefit the Council “to encourage people to have a better understanding of what [it] does – allowing live coverage on the Internet of meetings … Read More