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The Death of the Punk in a Digitalised Age

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The iconography of the ‘Punk’ has been both popularised and reproduced at a staggering rate since its heyday in the late ‘70s. Beginning as a set of shared ideological values and musical taste, the infamous reputation of the ‘Punk’ lifestyle seems to go beyond simply a subculture in modern times. … Read More

Live At Leeds 2017 – 11 Acts Not To Miss

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In just over two weeks, venues right across the city will be awash with music for the stellar Live At Leeds. Not only that, 2017 marks the festival’s 10th anniversary, and it looks set to be its biggest year yet. Bringing together the best breakthrough talent with established acts from … Read More

The Stranglers @ O2 Academy, 17/3/17

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It is the 40th anniversary of The Stranglers’ first ever recorded album Rattus Norvegicus and they have been touring up and down the country, showcasing their phenomenal catalogue. Having released 18 albums, spanning over 35 years, The Stranglers really are at the heart of the British rock/punk scene. Now living in Leeds themselves, … Read More

Why is My Rebellion White?

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Features editor Jessie Florence-Jones looks at the whitewashing of punk and its still thriving existence in Asia and Africa. When someone says punk, the first thing to come to mind for most people is a safety pin through a body part, a load of studs and a mohawk. Growing up … Read More

INHEAVEN @ Key Club, 11/2/17

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Having toured with the likes of Sundara Karma and Jamie T, and recently announced to play at this years truck festival, INHEAVEN are a rock band rocketing in popularity, as more and more music lovers warm to the Londoners’ sound. The foursome smashed their 4th show of the tour at … Read More

A Modern Ruin? Open Letter to Frank Carter

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Dear Frank Carter, What happened to you? I remember back in 2009 when your band Gallows released one of my favourite hardcore albums of all time, Grey Britain. I remember listening to it on repeat for days on end, in awe of your blistering, cathartic vocal performance and your haunting … Read More

Preview: The Damned @ O2 Academy, 17/11/16

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The Damned are a punk rock band that began during the peak of the British Punk scene in the second half of the 1970s, finding nearly immediate success after releasing their debut single ‘New Rose’ in 1976, making them the first punk band in Britain to release a single. Their … Read More

Fucked Up @ Belgrave, 27/10/16

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With a name like that, Fucked Up have a lot to live up to. On recent albums they’ve departed from their hardcore roots in pursuit of arena-sized guitar harmonies and grand concepts, but tonight they revisited their debut album Hidden World. This is not a band which relies on hit-laden … Read More

70’s Digest: Punk Me Up

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Punk was the style that was rebellious, political and crossed gender stereotypes changed more than what people put on in the morning. Punk fashion was as much about style as it was a critique of society and what was considered as the norm to be ‘attractive’. The would be fashion … Read More