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Victoria Gate shopping centre opens

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After years of construction, the new Victoria Gate shopping centre opened its doors on Thursday 20th October, along with its flagship John Lewis store. The £165m retail development boasts a wealth of new shops including Anthropologie, Tommy Hilfiger and GANT. The introduction of the new brands and stores into Leeds … Read More

Learn Your Lines: Should all British citizens speak the English language?

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In a country that does not offer foreign language lessons as early as other European countries, it seems rich that England is increasingly pressurising immigrants to learn the language. We question the motivation for this: is this another mask for xenophobia, or helping immigrants to integrate? Assimilation and integration of cultures is … Read More

Bandaid for a bullet wound: tent city and the homeless of Leeds

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With funding for houses in such contention these days, the issue of homelessness is becoming ever-more public. Rabeeah Moeen discusses homelessness in Leeds and its ‘Tent City’. Being a student at Leeds means inevitable familiarity with Yorkshire’s largest city. It is a growing metropolis; but like everywhere, there is a … Read More