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Comment | Missing white female syndrome

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The name Madeleine McCann has exploded back onto our front pages in recent weeks, when the Metropolitan Police reopened her case over six years after her original disappearance.  Following last month’s carefully stage-managed appearance of her parents, Leicester medics Kate and Gerry McCann, on BBC Crimewatch, Britain’s media outlets have … Read More

Comment | Is Education Too Eurocentric?

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When it comes to education, politicians are very dismissive when it comes to the inclusion of authors of colour in GCSE and A-level syllabuses. It is blatantly obvious that these authors are under-represented, yet any reference to an author of colour, however small, is instantly used as an example of integrative … Read More

Leadership Race 2013: Candidate Question Time

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On Wednesday, the Union hosted the annual Candidates’ Question Time event. The debate, hosted by LSTV’s Andrew Seddon, provided a platform for students running in this year’s Leadership Race to express their views and answer questions. Candidates are running for one of six positions in the student Executive as well … Read More