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Question Time tests Exec candidates

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Leadership race begins in earnest with mammoth six hour live Question Time. The LUU leadership race is well under way and, on Wednesday, the candidates running for Student Exec positions got a chance to outline their manifestos and ideas in a debate in the Union’s Riley Smith Hall. The debate … Read More

Diversity in Video Games – On The Right Track

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  Just as in other forms of media, race has frequently been a controversial topic in video games, attracting criticism for faults ranging from racial stereotyping to casts consisting solely of white characters. However, while there are still plenty of problematic and exploitative examples, there are a few gems of … Read More

News | Torn down campaign posters spark outrage

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Candidates in the Leadership Race have expressed their outrage after two unknown culprits ripped down posters in the Union to make bunting. Two people carrying black bags made their way around the Union taking down posters at approximately 10:20pm on Monday evening. They were stopped by security and asked to … Read More

News | Leadership Race Results are in

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The new LS Editor and Exec have been voted in, receiving a collective total of 10, 250 votes. The first result of the night saw Jasmine Andersson pip Max Bruges to the post for the role of LS Editor. Gemma Turner beat Freya Potter for Equality and Diversity, with Noha … Read More

News | 'Color Me Rad' to be the new charity fad

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‘Color Me Rad’ is the 5k race that will make you a lot more than just red in the face. This new charity run, which debuts in Leeds in May, pelts participants with blue, green, pink, purple and yellow colour bombs along the journey. ‘Color Me Rad’ has been a big success … Read More

News | LS holds the Exec to account

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LS questions the Exec on what they have and haven’t achieved this year. Alice Smart Education Officer Do you think lecture podcasts affects attendance?  There was the odd lecturer making these claims. They’re there because everyone learns in different ways, and not everyone learns best reading through lecture notes, it … Read More

Comment | Missing white female syndrome

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The name Madeleine McCann has exploded back onto our front pages in recent weeks, when the Metropolitan Police reopened her case over six years after her original disappearance.  Following last month’s carefully stage-managed appearance of her parents, Leicester medics Kate and Gerry McCann, on BBC Crimewatch, Britain’s media outlets have … Read More

Comment | Is Education Too Eurocentric?

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When it comes to education, politicians are very dismissive when it comes to the inclusion of authors of colour in GCSE and A-level syllabuses. It is blatantly obvious that these authors are under-represented, yet any reference to an author of colour, however small, is instantly used as an example of integrative … Read More

Leadership Race 2013: Candidate Question Time

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On Wednesday, the Union hosted the annual Candidates’ Question Time event. The debate, hosted by LSTV’s Andrew Seddon, provided a platform for students running in this year’s Leadership Race to express their views and answer questions. Candidates are running for one of six positions in the student Executive as well … Read More