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Re living LRFS’ TIME.LESS performance

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This year’s much anticipated 10th anniversary Leeds RAG Fashion Show took the captivating title of ‘TIME•LESS’, a show incorporating the moments in life experienced by all, ones to remember, ones we would rather avoid and ones we would like to revive. These key events in life are ones that fashion … Read More

TIME.LESS: The Show of the Year

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Leeds Rag Fashion Show is commonly known as the hottest event in the fashion conscious student’s calendar. With this year’s RAG Fashion show fast approaching we decided to find out from the team what’s in store with this exclusive interview.  What is the reasoning behind it?  This year’s theme is … Read More

Getting Involved in Volunteering at Uni

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There are many reasons why you should get involved with volunteering whilst at University. Not only does it look good on your CV (calling all final year students who are panicking that they partied too hard these past 3 years and forgot to get enough experience), but volunteering offers a … Read More

RAG Fashion Show – Editor’s Picks

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ELEMENTS Perhaps the most fundamental infrastructure of planet earth are the elements which can be traced back thousands of years, comprising briefly, but not entirely, of aluminium, titanium, silver, gold and copper. This dynamic Segment of the RAG fashion show incorporated a modern twist on a representation of these elements, … Read More

Leeds RAG Fashion Show Review – Samsara

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The annual Leeds RAG Fashion Show is one of the most highly anticipated events on the union calendar, and this year’s show, Samsara, was no exception. Samsara, directed by Scarlett Gurney and Assistant Directors Helen Clifford and Laura Clifford, represented the cycle of the earth, focusing on sustainable topics such … Read More

How to Style Sustainably…

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We talked to RAG Head Stylist Tiffany Grous and Deputy Stylist Maya Sherpa about the challenges they’ve faced with this year’s RAG fashion show theme… Sustainability is a tricky theme in terms of styling; where did you draw inspiration from? We’ve taken a different approach to sustainability in that we … Read More

A look at this year’s Leeds RAG Fashion Show charities…

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Every year the RAG Fashion Show selects some great charities to support through ticket sales and donation, and this year is no exception with Labour Behind The Label and Cruelty Free International Trust being the charities of choice for the 2017 show. Labour Behind The Label Labour Behind The Label … Read More

Inside Leeds RAG Fashion Show

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This years Fashion Show is being held in the Refectory on Thursday 23rd February. Entitled Samsara, the show places an emphasis on sustainability and the circle of life, with the chosen charities this year being Cruelty Free International and Labour Behind The Label. Tickets are available on the LUU website. … Read More

The Leeds RAG Fashion Show is BACK!

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The most highly anticipated event in the union calendar is back with a bang this year and begun its festivities with a launch part at Faversham earlier this week. The event boasted 3 Flux DJ’s including Reuban Wachs, Max Wallauer and Perry Miles and the venue was decorated with bunches … Read More

Why We RAG: A Week of Fundraising Fun

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It’s the final day of RAG Week and you’ve probably noticed the green theme thats been going on in the Union over the last few days. It’s been brilliant so a massive well done to Shelley, Sophie and the rest of the RAG crew who made it so. I personally … Read More