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Underwear Is Not a Sign of Consent

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A 27-year-old man at the centre of a rape trial has been acquitted in Northern Ireland. The defence argued that because the 17-year-old girl he was accused of raping was wearing a lacy thong, she consented. Defence barrister, Elizabeth O’Connell SC said “You have to look at the way she … Read More

#MeToo – Does It Still Have Anything to Say One Year On?

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5th October 2018 marks the one-year anniversary since the first allegations of sexual misconduct by former American film producer Harvey Weinstein were published in the New York Times. The accusations thrust Hollywood into turmoil. In the aftermath of the Weinstein allegations, countless more prominent figures in both the entertainment and political … Read More

What We Talk About When We Talk About Rape

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Mikhail Hanafi looks at the Ched Evans and Brock Turner cases and why the rhetoric around rape still needs serious change. On the 20th April 2012, Ched Evans was found guilty of rape. What followed was a media whirlwind, as traditional news outlets ran pieces with competing angles, yet all … Read More

The real rape joke.

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Warning: This article contains discussion of sexual assault. If you feel like you want to discuss any issues raised, please visit the Student Counselling Centre, call Nightline, or Support After Rape and Sexual Violence Leeds (SARSVL). Rape jokes are so prevalent in our daily lives, from jokes about “dropping the … Read More

Comment | Tequila were NOT to blame

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The campaign against Tequila UK is misguided and futile. Stopping the spread of rape culture will not come from closing either the club or the weekly event it holds but from  sensible engagement with the men who hold these views. I accept that the club should not have promoted these … Read More

Features | Why women are more than sex objects

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LS investigates the role music videos and online promotions play in promoting the sexualisation of women and rape culture.   Miley Cyrus has attracted recent criticism for allowing the use of overtly sexual music videos in an attempt to transform her previously wholesome image and promote her music career. Sinead … Read More

News | Students stand up to Tequila

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Tequila UK is under investigation following an LS petition to shut the event. Leeds City Council and West Yorkshire Police have opened investigations into the licensing of the event following a series of complaints. The release of a video promoting rape continued to cause widespread anger across campus this week, … Read More