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In The Middle with Real Lies

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Our generation is still looking for a band to reflect real life in 2015. We have less prospects than our parents. We’re attacked through high tuition fees and cuts to welfare. Our wages are low, living costs are rising, and we pay over-the-odds for a damp room in an old … Read More

Music | Ones to watch in 2014 – Real Lies

5 years ago / 0 comments

London trio Real Lies have uploaded just two tracks on soundcloud, yet they’ve already gained a healthy following with their house-inspired tunes, evoking the sight of watching the sun rise after a heavy party. Following a text message conversation with a number acquired from the end of one of their videos, … Read More

Music | Track of the day – 'Real Lies' Deeper

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Pop trio ‘Real Lies’ pack a dreamy punch with an offering that will turn any dismal Monday into a dance fuelled party. Josh Taylor