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Postcards from Abroad: Washington, USA

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Bex Gray is a third year Politics and Parliamentary Studies student currently working in the United States. She is spending this semester in Washington DC, interning for Congressman Don Young, representative for All Alaska in the House of Representatives. She’s (supposed to be) learning a lot about American politics, and … Read More

Comment | Gender wage gap as prevalent as ever

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The gender wage gap is a question that should have been answered years ago. It is amazing that we can claim to be upholding the precious Human Rights Act when 51 percent of our population gets paid less than the other 49 percent to do exactly the same jobs. After … Read More

Comment | Death penalty debate

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The use of the death penalty in the United States will always be a divisive issue that provokes passionate debate. It is incomprehensible that executions can still occur in a country that professes to be a forward-thinking, tolerant ‘beacon of democracy’ and the controversies surrounding the execution methods are endless. … Read More

Comment | The brutal lessons of WW1

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Most people’s knowledge of the Great War is summed up perfectly in an episode of Friends in which Phoebe and Rachel reach the conclusion that the allied forces fought against Mexico in the First World War. I should point out that Germany did indeed attempt to ally itself with Mexico, … Read More

Debate | Are supermarkets that super?

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60 years ago local, independent food stores were at the heart of the high street and greengrocers were the cornerstone of our communities. Now, big brand supermarkets dominate the nation’s shopping habits. The ‘big four’: Asda, Sainsbury’s, Tesco and Morrisons are responsible for over 75 per cent of the UK … Read More