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LUU Music Theatre Society’s ‘RENT’ Brings A Classic To Life

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RENT is one of my favourite musicals, so when I found out the Music Theatre Society was performing it I was excited to see their take. For those unfamiliar with the Broadway hit, RENT tells the story of a group of impoverished young artists living in New York City in … Read More

Students Struggling to Pay Rent

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More than 17,000 students living in university accommodation fell behind on their housing payments last year, according to recent figures. A small but growing number of students are facing eviction. Last year, 97 students had their tenancies cancelled after being unable to pay their rent, up from 40 the previous … Read More

Campus Watch: Students take landlords to court – and win

2 years ago / 0 comments

A group of students at the University of Bristol successfully sued their landlord for unreasonably taking money from their rental deposit. The six students received a letter from their letting agency informing them that nearly £800 would be deducted from their deposit due to a repaint of the house and … Read More

Soaring halls prices halted by Exec victory

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Real term rent cuts agreed after cost of accommodation rises 19% in five years. LUU Community Officer Jamie Ali has secured an agreement between LUU and Leeds University to make ‘real term rent cuts’ in the 2017/18 academic year, which will ensure rent costs do not rise higher than inflation. … Read More

Asquith House developers suspended over delays

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The student accommodation company, Urban Student Life (USL), has been suspended for a year from the Code for Non-Educational Establishments by the Codes Full Tribunal. Such a suspension is very rare, and this is only the third time the tribunal has met. The suspension follows complaints over the company’s development, … Read More

News | HOUSING CASE STUDY 2: Damp problems

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Student Cribs disappointed and angered one group of students, who moved into one of the company’s cheaper houses. The property was rented at £94pw, including broadband but excluding all other bills. One tenant, a second year English Language and Literature student, told LS, “there’s a serious amount of damp that … Read More

Top Ten Moving Week Moments

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1. Packing up your room at the end of a university year is the best way to awaken the eco-warrior in even the most reluctant of us as we pile up leaflet after leaflet after leaflet to be recycled. Flyering is ruining our planet, people! How can I possibly make … Read More

Students win case against Landlord

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Five students have won a court case against their landlord, after he tried to claim a year’s worth of rent from them. The second year students won their own claim as well as their legal fees – a sum in excess of £8,000 – when they counter-sued Sukhvir Thethi after … Read More