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The Death of Boaty McBoatface

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If you didn’t already know, the newest of Britain’s polar research ships is to be called the RRS Sir David Attenborough; a distinguished title indeed, but certainly much less fun than Boaty McBoatface. Of course ‘Boaty’ is a silly name, one that doesn’t hold any great scientific weight like a … Read More

Science Funding: Penny for your Thoughts

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Preventing the spread of the Zika virus to the UK, ground-breaking cancer research, or the production of vaccines for deadly diseases; all important work, I’m sure you’ll agree, but have you ever wondered just who decides how and where allotted research money is spent? Science funding is, frankly, something we … Read More

Answering the big schizophrenia questions

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More than 25 million people world wide are affected by schizophrenia. Highly hereditable, it is one of the most severe mental illnesses with a high economic burden on countries worldwide. Since Schizophrenia was first described over a century ago, it has long been among the most mysterious mental illness, with … Read More

The generation game of scientific research

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“With age comes wisdom”. The timeless words penned by Oscar Wilde have offered comfort to those afraid of the approaching ailments of old age, the loss of hair, hearing and beauty. However, a recent study has cast doubts over the legitimacy of Wilde’s words when considering the pursuit of scientific … Read More

Meditation: A Potential Therapy for Cancer?

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Meditation may be more than just a way to relax – scientists have found evidence that meditation can affect us on a cellular level. In a study led by Dr. Linda E. Carlson involving 88 emotionally distressed breast cancer survivors, it was found that mindful meditation, a type of meditation … Read More

Uni pledges £100m to attract top profs

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The University has pledged to invest £100 million in its biggest ever recruitment drive. The scheme will fund 250 fellowships for researchers to start a career in academics at Leeds. Successful applicants will pursue a five-year training programme leading to a position as associate professor, pursuing research and contributing to … Read More

News | University launches new resource for researchers

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The University of Leeds has launched a new service for researchers, staff and students looking for research funding. The service, which is called Research Funding, provides support and strategic planning for those looking for financial backing. It also has information on relevant funding opportunities within the UK, EU and internationally, … Read More

Behind the lab coats

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As graduation day looms ever closer for final year students, Chemistry postdoc Jessica Breen tells LS Science what a career in research actually entails. What actually is a postdoc? Usually, a scientist will spend three to four years doing their PhD research and then, if they survive the process, they … Read More

Hero to the bone

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25.01.13 Medical student Nick Raynor, 23, has been named as a regional winner of the vInspired National Awards. As President of Leeds Marrow, Nick has signed up thousands of students to the UK bone marrow register in the last five years. In the last year alone, Nick and his team … Read More