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Midnight Special – A sci-fi road movie

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Two men, a little boy, a car and the night are the main elements Midnight Special starts its journey with. It opens with a few road movie clichés: a car, the road and its passengers escaping or heading somewhere. However, Midnight Special, as its title indicates, is special, and the … Read More

Review: The Jungle Book – A treat for all senses

3 years ago / 143 comments

Everyone is familiar with the 1967 animation, so this new version of The Jungle Book had a lot to live up to. Those who were concerned need not have worried, though, because this film definitely delivers, in a big way. Directed by Jon Favreau of Iron Man fame, it gives new life to … Read More

Review: TG's Rumours – Delightfully absurd

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Wealthy people, we love to laugh at them. Even Molière would fill his farces with well-to-do characters. Rumours, put on by LUU Theatre Group continues in this long tradition. Add to the mixture a politician and you get an explosive mix of potential comedy gold. While this potential wasn’t always met, some brilliant … Read More

Captain America: Civil War – A near-perfect follow-up

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The Russo brothers return for a fantastic follow-up to the success of Captain America: Winter Soldier. Following on from the events of the previous film and Avengers: Age of Ultron, we see Cap and Iron Man take opposite sides of a debate surrounding the monitoring and oversight of the Avengers. Iron … Read More

Platform 3: PROD – Tangibly engaging

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You’d be forgiven for having never heard of La Bohème, the abandoned nightclub looming in the depths of a city centre side street. Several people are to be seen peering in through darkened windows, double-checking their phones to make sure they have the correct address. It’s an unlikely setting for … Read More

Eddie the Eagle: A loveable underdog story that will make you embrace cliché

3 years ago / 16 comments

They say that Britain loves an underdog. This couldn’t be truer of Eddie the Eagle – both the film and the man it’s based on. The real life Eddie shot to fame after placing last in the 1988 Calgary Winter Olympics Ski jumping event. As the only British competitor and … Read More

Review: Eye In The Sky – Vital viewing for today's world

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Eye in the Sky, which arrived in cinemas earlier this month, is a profound and chilling piece of cinema directed by Gavin Hood, concerning the all too familiar struggles of decision-making – both politically and militarily – on the current geopolitical landscape, as well as the controversial matter of drone strikes. With … Read More

Review: Zootropolis – Social commentary disguised as family-friendly animation

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With controversy around intolerance surrounding many aspects of life at the moment, this film couldn’t have arrived at a better time. Reports of minorities being treated poorly in many different industries (not least of all, Hollywood) and seemingly constant fear and rejection of people of foreign descent or appearance, Zootropolis … Read More

Review: SMS’s Grease – It’s Electrifying

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After SMS’s (Stage Musical Society) well-received production of West Side Story earlier this year, expectations were high for their latest production, Grease. Luckily, the audience was not disappointed. After a stylistic opening from the quirky and well-voiced Vince Fontaine (Piers Cottee-Jones),  the opening number, “Grease”, treated the audience to a well-executed, … Read More

Review: Breakfast At Tiffany's leaves a Lott to be desired

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Richard Greenberg’s adaptation of Truman Capote’s Breakfast at Tiffany’s was met with a lukewarm response at Leeds Grand Theatre on 5th April. If you’re not already familiar, the classic story portrays writer, Fred (Matt Baker) as he becomes fascinated with Holly Golightly; the type of girl who every woman wants … Read More