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Five Things to Do For Your Revision Break

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Taking a study break is a slippery slope. There is no denying it is a crucial part of effective revision, because revision is only worthwhile when it’s being executed effectively, and it can’t be effective when we are too tired or burnt-out from focusing too long.   Breaks are key … Read More

Shock as students realise posting photos of revision on social media has no effect on overall exam grade

12 months ago / 0 comments

As exam season ends and results are released, Leeds students are finding themselves shocked and upset as their grades fall short of their expectations. A whopping majority of the student body has found itself surprised, angry, and confused that their most ruthlessly deployed revision tactic has failed them in their … Read More

Need some tunes to help you focus? Our Editor-in-Chief has got you sorted

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The month of January means two things to students. Intense study, and its closely related counterpart, extreme procrastination. This playlist will aim to stop you trawling the web for music to listen to, and consists of tracks specifically picked to stimulate concentration. Eevee- Unexpected This lo-fi beattape is so calming … Read More

Student Advice’s Space to Relax: perfect for exam time

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The Student Advice Centre’s Space to Relax is returning to provide you with a wellbeing hub during the often stressful and challenging exam period. We want support you to study and support you to look after yourself, therefore our space is divided into the Space to Relax in Room 5 … Read More

The Happy Guide to getting up early

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However far you are into your degree, you probably haven’t quite nailed the process of getting up early and being productive. Lauren gives you some easy tips on how to make the dreaded alarm clock just a little bit more bearable… With longer, lighter days bringing us into the summer, … Read More

LUU Light Cafe: helping you through exams

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From free drinks to yoga, LUU is here to support you through your exams. After the Christmas break students are coming back to Leeds to face the January exams. For some the weeks of fresh laundry, clean dishes and cooked dinner back home has come to an end and the … Read More

Students create app to vanquish revision stress

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Two medical students from the University of Leeds have launched a new study platform in an effort to beat revision stress and increase memory retention by up to 80 per cent. James Gupta and Omair Vaiyani created Synap (formerly MyCQs) in October 2015 when they were looking for alternatives to … Read More

Mental Health A-Z: S is for Strategies

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With the stacks of coursework and with exams coming up, everybody seems to be stressed out. And as the Easter holidays have began, unfortunately so will revision.  But as important as work is, it’s so important to take some time out. So, here are some things to do when you’re … Read More

Features | Making the most of your revision time

5 years ago / 0 comments

With exam season well and truly upon us it seems that everyone has their own opinion on how to formulate the most air-tight revision strategy. Some make use of the 24 hour opening times at the Edward Boyle library, others prefer to study at home or with friends. Wherever you … Read More

News | Uni stats reveal the students most likely to resit exams

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Students from the Schools of Business, Mathematics and Healthcare are the most likely to have to resit the exams they take this year, according to figures released to LS. The figures, obtained from the University’s Examinations Office, show that since January 2011, 34 per cent of all exam resits were … Read More