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Awolnation clash genres with ‘Here Come The Runts’

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Half solid indie and half fuzzy electro weirdness, Here Come The Runts is an album that hasn’t quite decided what it wants to be. With that said, listening as it veers drunkenly from one genre to another, tipsily knocking over established convention and blithely subverting expectations, it’s impossible to deny … Read More

‘The Golden Age Of Not Even Trying’ by Dead! is rock and roll at its finest.

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After watching the Isle Of Wight scene collapse around them, Dead! was borne out of four guys’ need to bring punk back to their community, and they haven’t slowed down since. ‘The Golden Age Of Not Even Trying’ is their first ever full-length release, and it’s packed full of the … Read More

Beat Up by Late Night Legacy

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2017 is finally over (almost). As we limp towards the new year, saddled with exam revision and any straggling unsubmitted essays, it might be hard to face the new year with anything but the weary resignation that we’ve had in our back pockets for the last twelve months. However, if … Read More

The Best Albums of 2017

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2017 has been an incubator for innovative music breaking into commercial success. From Loyle Carner to Wolf Alice, to Nick Hakim to SZA, this year saw some groundbreaking new albums. Here are the best of the best… DAMN. – Kendrick Lamar To talk about the great music of 2017 and … Read More

Editor’s Picks: The November Soundtrack

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With deadlines popping up left, right and centre, us music editors thought it would be productive to let you know what we’ve been listening to this month and what gigs we’re excited for in December… Hollie For the majority of November, it has unfortunately still been socially unacceptable to listen … Read More

Will Young is back onstage in the Grand Theatre’s Cabaret

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Cabaret is a difficult show to get right, especially now, when it seems so eerily prescient. The balance between subversive enough to press the point and tame enough for the regular theatre-goer is fraught, the line between satirising and trivialising the enemy difficult to parse. For the most part, this … Read More

200 years later Frankenstein Returns for Halloween

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Everybody knows the story of Dr Frankenstein, of the genius whose boundless idealism and ambition festered into something twisted and dark, and of the poor and tortured creature that became his life’s work. However, Liz Lochhead’s Blood & Ice, as reanimated by director Camilla Asher and members of the Leeds … Read More

‘Heaven Upside Down’ by Marilyn Manson

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Once upon a time, Marilyn Manson was America’s number one public enemy. Today, America has much bigger things to worry about, and The God of Fuck’s future in the country’s pantheon of counter-cultural icons is unclear. In a post-Trump world, Heaven Upside Down’s litany of guns, sex and death is predictable … Read More

Meet your Music Editors

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Intrigued as to who’s editing your articles this year? Want to know a bit more about the people that are offering out all the juicy content each week? Then look no further…   Meg Firth Favourite Artist/Band Of All Time: David Bowie. A Song You Play On Repeat: ‘Florence’ by … Read More

‘love is more goofy […] than we give it credit for’: The Wedding Singer and a Night at Leeds Grand

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After seeing The Wedding Singer at Leeds Grand Theatre last month, Rhiannon-Skye Boden tells us what she thought and what it’s really like to be a journalist in the arts. Going to the theatre is always exciting, but there’s something about going on press night that makes it even sweeter. I mean, … Read More