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All We Know Of Heaven, All We Need Of Hell by Pvris

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When it comes to being instantly recognisable, there aren’t many bands that can match Pvris, whether that’s in regards to their effortlessly chic black and white aesthetic, or their highly cultivated sound. However, in the three years since the release of their debut album White Noise, the Massachusetts trio have … Read More

Pollinator by Blondie

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When you’re as big as Blondie, releasing new music is a dizzyingly high-stakes affair. The comparisons to older work are inevitable, are as the accusations of selling-out, with people being unhappy whether you reinvent too drastically or stick too closely to the established formula. In such a high-pressure situation, it … Read More

Track Review: Hard Times by Paramore

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Comeback singles are a notoriously difficult thing to get right, but, when you’re Paramore, the margin for error becomes almost impossible to navigate. In the four year gap since their polarising self-titled album, the group’s fanbase has split into to opposing camps: those who love the band’s last bubblegum-and-neon phase, and … Read More

In the Middle with Creeper

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Creeper are a difficult band to pin down. Their theatrical flair and highly cultivated aesthetic set them apart from the gritty realism of the current punk scene, while their meticulously crafted characters and storylines make them a rarity not just stylistically but lyrically as well. Just two years on from … Read More

Ramin Karimloo @ City Varieties, 23/01/17

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Of all the genre-fusions that have infiltrated the circuit over the years, Bluegrass and Broadway might be the most unorthodox. However, when Ramin Karimloo and The Broadgrass Band arrived in Leeds for the Yorkshire leg of their UK tour, it took less than an hour to convince the waiting crowd … Read More

Twin Peaks @ Brudenell Social Club, 24/10/16

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Since the untimely demise of The Cockpit, Brudenell Social Club has long been cited as the very heart and soul of the Leeds music scene. That may be, but the legendary venue is no stranger to playing host to bands with origins (and sounds) a little further afield, in this … Read More

The Woman in Black: An Old Ghost Story For A Modern Audience

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Upon first inspection, The Woman in Black does not sound like a particularly scary undertaking. It lacks the sweeping, desolate scale of the 2012 film adaption, and is free of the hyperreal gore that has come to saturate cinemas in recent years. In fact, during the short one hour and … Read More

Billy Talent @ O2 Academy, 20/10/16

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Post-hardcore music has a very specific vibe. It’s aggressive, filled with unbridled power and aggression, and is unapologetic to the core. To put it simply: Post hardcore, as a genre, is decidedly un-Canadian. And yet, Toronto based rockers Billy Talent have dominated the scene since 1993 with a sunniness and … Read More

‘Free Verse (Speak Up!)’ Review: a blistering coming-of-age story

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In the years since its beginning, Furnace Festival, part of West Yorkshire Playhouse‘s Artist Development programme, has garnered quite the reputation as the best place to find amazing pieces of theatre before they officially hit the stage. Speak Up, a rehearsal reading of Zodwa Nyoni’s second Playhouse commission, shown towards … Read More